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What Am I Excited About the Weekend?

February 4, 2011

Tiring day at work.. and I am excited for the weekend!

As soon as I get home (yeah, I am still in the office!), I want to take a hot shower with that sweet Vanilla body wash I just recently bought (people are complaining about the cold weather, and I can always complain to the Facilities guy for the freezing cold temp in the office). After a nice hot shower, I would just lay in my bed naked (yes, naked.. without anything hugging your body, just feeling free and fresh – like a new born baby). I have read somewhere that doing this after a day’s work or after a tiring day would help you de-stress. You should try it!

Then, maybe I would watch TV – the joy watching TV when you get tired with all the social media and technology around you. I hate to admit that even the primetime TV show Willing Willie makes me laugh – just a little break from the usual depressing stories and news.

I wouldn’t want to waste my day by sleeping, so I would drag my mom to the mall for a little bonding and probably use the voucher I bought from a group buying site – a facial service. Yes, I always make sure I have time to prim and prettify during the weekend to prepare myself for yet another battle in the office come Monday. Weekend is also a time to do the grocery – buy things that we need at home, buy stuff and toiletries that I needed (we girls love buying sweet smelling lotions, shower gels and the like!), and probably just plain check out what is on the sale rack.

So that’s my typical Saturday.

But what I am really excited about is the bonding that my friends have scheduled on Sunday so we could talk about our plans for the China trip. This would be after attending the Cake Expo happening somewhere in the Metro; and after buying the new camera that I sooo needed! My friend promised me that we would check out camera stores to compare prizes and specs.

It’s been a while since the last time we got together. Although social media allowed us to know what has been happening in our lives, it is still different to hear each other’s stories and take pictures and share coffee and just be crazy!

Of course, I would not let the weekend end without connecting with my siblings. We are miles away from each other and they are in different parts of the globe and Philippine map. Probably a phone call or an SMS would do (if my load can only afford to send an international text message!). Yes, weekend is the only time that I can talk to them without feeling sleepy and tired (thank you to timezone and time differences!).

A food for the soul – I would use my free line to connect to heaven and thank God for all blessings, challenges, and surprises He had given me the week before. Then, I would ask for some more guidance and help until I reach the next weekend.

So, what about you? What are you excited about the weekend? Tell Azrael, as he wants to know!

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