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e-Cigarettes: To Quit or Not To Quit (or to Try e-Cigarettes) – Review and Interview

March 14, 2011

Every year, you always list down quitting and totally breaking the bad habit – smoking. But you always fail. You always get back to asking for a stick from a friend, lighting the ciggy, telling your friends (in defense), that you are just stressed out and you need a “breather”.

Now, there is no need to punish yourself or go cold turkey. If you have watched The Tourist, you might have probably seen it – the handsome Johnny Depp is smoking, should I say, using an e-Cigarette or Vapes. A group from my workplace has started using this wonder stick and I was so grateful that they accommodated my request for an interview.

To give you a background, Tin is the type who loves to party and get-together with friends; but mind you, she is doing really well on her job (if yosi break is the secret, she has to share the best practice). Kevin, on the other hand, is the typical guy – he joins fun runs, and fun gigs.

1. How young are you now, and how young were you when you started smoking?

TIN: 25, started when I was 17.

KEVIN: 22, started smoking since i was 18

2. Would you say you are physically active and healthy? Are you into sports?

TIN: Physically healthy, yes, per my recent APE result.
Active, not really, as I’m not into sports.


3. What benefits (if there is any) do you get when smoking?

TIN: Anti-stress, speeds up metabolism, social activity.

KEVIN: Stress reliever, Pantanggal umay.

4. What is your cigarette brand? When do you usually smoke?

TIN: Used to smoke Winston Lights. Whenever I want to. After eating, normally.

KEVIN: Marlboro Lights, after eating, break time

5. What made you try the new electronic cigarette?

TIN: I personally want to reduce nicotine consumption and quit, eventually.

KEVIN: Since I’m into running, I wanted to maximize my cardio.

6. How much does it cost? Do you think it is cheaper than the regular cigarette?

TIN: Bought it for P1,250. Yes, cheaper since a bottle of e-Cig juice which costs P250/each lasts for a month compared to 1 pack of yosi at P35 a day.

Standard e-Cig costs around 1k – 2k. in the long run, yes..

7. What is the difference of using electronic cigaretter and smoking a real stick?

TIN: Initially, it will not feel the same and you will still crave for the real cig. But it will eventually satisfy you. Not only does it mimic the smoke, it also gives you the same sensation.

KEVIN: e-Cigs dont have tar, tobacco, carcinogens and other cancerous chemicals.

 Any similarities?

TIN: Feels the same after a couple of days, without the bad yosi smell

KEVIN: Still feels like smoking because of the vapor and flavor. 

8. Do you ever think it is just a status symbol?

TIN: No, since I personally use it to quit smoking.


9. Do you have plans of quitting (even before the Electronic Cigarette was introduced?)

TIN: Yup yup.


10. Is it cheaper than buying a pack of yosi?

TIN: Yup, see answer on no. 5.

KEVIN: If you consume 1 pack of cigarette a day, that’s around 40php x 30 days = 1200. compared to e-Cigs, you just have to invest on your e-cigarette (1k – 2k), then you just have to buy a 10ml liquid worth 250 and that’s good for 2-3 weeks (depends on your usage).

11. Do you think there is a chance you would go back to smoking real stick, or would stick to e-Ciggy or totally quit?

TIN: It kinda sucks when you run out of battery. I’ve resorted to smoking real cigs twice or thrice because I forgot to charge.

KEVIN: Stick to e-Cig 🙂

12. What is your advice to those who want to quit?

TIN: Try e-Cig. It will help you quit without torturing you. Some people just find it hard to quit because they have been used to the act of smoking but not because they are addicted to nicotine. Like in my case, I used high-nicotine juice for the first 2 weeks then switched to medium-nicotine. I plan to switch to low-nicotine after another 2 weeks and then hopefully to 0 nicotine. I don’t think I’m addicted to nicotine. I’m just not over the act of sucking yet.

KEVIN: e-Cigs are better than cigarettes and it’s just like smoking (without the harmful effects)

Now.. I guess I am convinced. Everytime I see this bunch holding those e-Cigarettes (some look like pens and one looks like a celphone – no joke!), it seems that they are so relaxed – plus the whiff of the flavor of the vapor is soo enticing. Yes, you can choose your flavor if you want belgian waffle, strawberry, mint, and even cola.

Now, at least, there is no need to worry if you forgot a lighter. No more dyahe moments asking for a light..

Pictures from Patrick. Thank you.

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