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Great Buys of the Week: Bikinis and Swim Suits at 50% OFF

March 4, 2011

I guess the post Great Buys of the Week is no longer applicable since I have bought these in January after my trip in Subic. I was actually desperate last January roaming around the mall to buy two piece sets. I was able to buy two, which I have used in Subic. Something I can use and match with the current pieces that I have. A week after, I found these from SM Department Store and they are on sale!

I have to buy and stock up!

Last night, I swing by SM again to check for some nice beach shorts I can wear for sand-boarding, I was not feeling lucky, but I was able to buy beach skirts at Php50 (less than 1 dollar)! Can you believe that? I would post the pictures soon!

Mannequins are also clad with bikinis and sarongs – they are telling me that summer is coming (some days ago, it was just Christmas!).

Some tips on buying bikinis and swim suits:

1. Always check the cloth/material – should not shrink after the first washing!

2. Check the coverage – although we want to feel sexy in bikini, it should also cover the parts which are only intended to be seen by our hubbies/SO’s. Check if the clasps and strings are strong. Wardrobe malfunctions can be prevented.

3. I used to buy any type and cut of bikinis, and I only depend on the style and print – but I now, I make sure to buy with more bottom coverage and top coverage too.

4. Get the one which you could mix and match with your existing pieces. This is my mantra now when buying bikinis. I have tons in my closet (and I just don’t want to wear the same pair again) – so I thought, I could buy new pieces and mix and match them.

5. Do not buy bikinis and swim suits online. Lesson learned. I bought a monokini in an online shop, but it is too small and skimpy for me, I have to resell the item. Just recently, I bought another two piece set, this time in Ebay (I never learned my lesson!), but when it arrived, it is (yet again) too small. I guess I really am gaining weight.

You may still buy stuff online if you are already sure of your sizes. But never do a trial-and-error. It is a pain in your pocket to pay for shipping fees. Speaking of online purchases, I just gotten the batch of bikinis I have bought from Victoria Secret! (I am confident in buying from VS since I already know my top and bottom size for this brand). I got a free gift card but it has expired on December 30th. Too bad. But that’s fine, I looove my new pieces and I am so ready to hit the beach.

Here are some pics from the site:

I just bought the bottom (that’s the only available for my size, which I can mix with my black top with gold ring buckle)

Now, if you want to buy and hoard pieces, check out the SM Department Store (saw some two-piece sets at Php250 to Php600) and Tomato too! (Saw some two-piece sets from last years collection at 50% off – around Php275/pair).

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