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My Smart Move: Everyday is a Blowout!

March 20, 2011

If there is one thing or situation that I am currently in right now, that I am so proud to share.. (actually, it is not just one thing, or one event, or one memory but a “state”) – it is that I can achieve a “Work-Life Balance”. I have been with the company for three years, and although the joy of landing this job was only shared by my family and close friends, my blog is a living proof that the fun of having this job didn’t just end on my first day I reported to work.

I may be one of the lucky few who were given a job, and a job that I enjoy doing AND let me do some other things that I love – then I share these “some other things that I love doing” through my writing and blogging (which is one thing that I am passionate about!).

So what are these some other things that I love doing that I can do now because I can proudly say my company gives me a Work-Life Balance?

You see, this state now that I am so proud to be in is not something that would expire soon or end (unless I get a pink slip and a big box to pack my stuff tomorrow). This state makes me contribute and share more to my readers (I know I only have a few, but I would like to think I am giving them quality posts).

I know bloggers would agree with me that creating one post is not as easy as opening your blog platform, typing and publishing. In this case, it is not just a must to keep a performing computer or laptop, but a good camera too, and an internet connection that won’t let you down.

Why having a good connection is important in posting a quality blog?

  • When uploading a picture, it is necessary that you have a good connection, so uploading in an online album (or even sharing in Facebook) would only take 5 minutes.
  • Some bloggers like me, want to take ownership of the pictures, and adding a watermark is the best way to do it. Downloading a software or using an online tool would require a fast internet connection.
  • Adding related links in a blog post is important to give more information to the readers. We need good internet connection to verify that the links that we are adding are working and valid. We want to see the whole page and not just a header, thus a good connection is a must!
  • Publishing a post should only take seconds. I would hate to press Refresh just to see the post live in my site.

Now, if I don’t have a good connection, I might lose the Work-Life Balance I am raving about, as I might spend more than a normal working hours of 8 just to create a blog post!

If you are a blogger or a regular netizen who is fond of sharing stuff with friends online, now is the perfect time to subscribe to SMART Bro Home Unlimited Broadband at Php999 or Php1,999 because it comes with the following freebies:

   Free All-In-One HP Printer
   Free Call & Texts with SMART Gold Lite Plan 300 for 6 months subscription
   Free 1 month broadband subscription

Although I am currently subscribed to a DSL service, I am thinking of getting this package (not just because for the love of freebies) but because Smart promises a consistent speed and stable signalit means that I can surf all I want, research on next vacation destinations, shop online until I am out of Paypal fund, and blog all I want until I have flooded my subscribers’ inbox.

I have to make a decision now as the promo would end on June 4, 2011 (yes, before the start of classes?).

The promo is per DTI-NCR Permit No. 1871, Series of 2011.

This is my official entry to the Nuffnang and SmartBro’s Broadbandest Blowout Blogger Contest. Not a blogger? You too can have a chance to own a Samsung Galaxy Tab! Just create a 30-second video showing how far will you go to own a Samsung Galaxy Tab. Please like the official Facebook contest page at to read the full mechanics. Contest is extended until April 10, 2011. 

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