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BPI Launches Investment 3.0: Transact and Invest Online – First in the Philippines!

April 28, 2011

BPI (Bank of Philippine Islands) Asset Management Team invited media and big names last April 26th, as it launched another innovative online breakthrough which is dubbed as Investment 3.0. This is to mark the celebration of the company’s 160th anniversary held in Manila Peninsula Hotel, Makati.

Being a lover of any service which can be accessed online, I was excited to know more about the service. First things first, the name. Why Investment 3.0? We know that in the techie world that Web 2.0 refers to any application that allows user to interact, share and collaborate with other users (think of Facebook and Twitter), as compared to traditional websites, in which users can only view and read contents. Investment 3.0 is a step-up to that functionality. 

Investment 3.0 will enable clients to open a new investment fund account, view the portfolio, and subscribe and redeem investment funds. Theresa Marcial-Javier, BPI Senior Vice-president and Group Head of Asset Management, also stressed that it is the first in the Philippines, and is open 24/7 which would allow account holders to do other more important things. Sounds too “technical?” It simply means that account holders (be it individual depositors or businesses) can now invest and buy funds online without the need to go to the bank.

SVP Maria Theresa Javier, introduces the Investment 3.0

If you are worried how much you need in your pocket to invest, investment can be as low as Php10,000 with the shortest maturity of 7 days. The returns would be dependent on how much you are willing to invest and some other factors too. What is nice about the online facility is that users can send inquiry to the support team with the turn-around time of 24 hours. Again, this innovation is just impressive, as one doesn’t need to go to the bank to consult an investment counselor. One of the bloggers ask, if there is a possibility that consultation can be done real-time. Ms. Theresa advise that it might be a future enhancement.

The Investment 3.0 is not just an online platform for transacting, as it also has online resources such as articles, generated reports, and investment insights by investment counselors. BPI may also hold Branch Wellness Programs which might be scheduled in different BPI bank branches.

Pres and CEO Aurelio Montinola II

BPI Vice President Mario Miranda, SVP Maria Theresa Javier, Pres and CEO Aurelio Montinola III

Worried about the security? (I was also have the same question – as eventhough we have an account with BPI, I am not enrolled in their online banking since we have a joint account). It is hosted in the same platform as, and it has been tested and re-tested.

Who’s who at the cocktail party?

Names, big names and bigger names celebrated with BPI.

To find out more about BPI’s Investments Online Facility and its services, interested parties may visit, or visit any BPI branch near you.

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