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Great Buys of the Week: Maxi Dresses at Forever21 in SM Makati

April 28, 2011

When I found out some of my coworkers were in the US, I felt this sudden excitement to buy anything that is on-sale at I know I have to save money, yet the Easter Sale was just so tempting (imagine tops at $6 and dresses at $15 – my brain works like a Forex machine!). I thought I am more disciplined now, and I have totally dismissed the idea of shopping online as soon as I have closed the browser.

Or maybe not. Last Tuesday night, I was in Makati to cover a product launch and I saw this big signage screaming, Forever21.., ok, I have to let my friends go so I could check out the stuff and place. With every step, I was successful. I looked around and nothing interests me. Until I see the yellow tags..

Let me just first share some pics that I have taken in the store.
Dresses at Php1,000 up. How I wish I have a smaller figure so I can fit into these dresses. These dresses always end up a top on me.
I love the styling!
I love this vintage chain bag. But to be practical, I have tons of clutches – what I need is a big bag which can hold all my stuff!
I know.. it is like a buffet of bangles and bracelets!
Cocktail Rings at Php350 up!
This is one lovely top, but I am hunting for plain shirts. I didn’t like the plain ones they are selling that day (at Php195 and Php250). I don’t like the material.. 
Don’t forget the shoes!! I wish they have my size!
Before I went to the cashier, I checked the swimwear. Two-piece sets at Php695 up! The designs are too girly for me!
I found what I wanted! Maxi Dresses at Php650 and Php500 something! What a steal! I want to buy all in different colors! They still have tons. Lucky me, most of the shoppers are on the petite side. So I don’t have competition with the Maxi Dresses! I meant to fit them first because items on sale cannot be returned or exchanged, but I was surprised to see this line.. 
The longest line I have battled on was at the H&M in HongKong. It was such a struggle to carry your bag, camera, and tons of dresses to fit. Since I know my size in Forever21, I just left and went straight to the cashier. So I got this yellow plastic on my way to the office.
What’s inside? Maxi Dress in Teal (I am loving teal now) and Jersey Tube Dress in Yellow (I want to come back and buy the orange and black – but I think I have enough Maxi Dresses they can qualify as “duster”).
Great deals! But unfortunate thing – I lost my favorite knitted shrug – somewhere. Don’t know if in the store or in SM – as I was busy taking pictures to share with my dear readers. I only realized I lost it when I was already at the office after alighting from the cab. 
As soon as I got to my pc, I checked for the Forever21 Makati branch’s number – after a few rings, a girl answered – who I think was not very helpful – as she was in a hurry to drop the call. She told me that there was nothing that was endorse, and that I can call the following day, or maybe some other customer must have gotten the lovely piece. For a moment I wish I were speaking to that Sales Lady in SM who is always grateful and smiling. 
Oh well..
Promising myself this would be my last purchase. But Forever21 would be holding a Mega-Sale starting tomorrow until Sunday (April 29, 30 and May 1). I checked the album in Facebook, and the dresses (at Php500 below) are teasing me. 
I have to fight the temptation. God help me.

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