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My Thoughts on Branding Through Blog Design/Template

April 26, 2011

I have been wanting to update my blog design and template but something is telling me that I should not. I know how it feels whenever I would visit my favorite blog site and as Google Chrome loads its template, header and the whole page, I know I got to the right site. I know the feel of the page, know where to point my mouse to read more about the article, to key in my comments and click the ads (if I want to).


Once, my favorite blog has changed designs, for a few minutes, I would check and re-check the pages, and the url just to confirm that I have landed to the correct blog.

It means that the site has already made a mark and branding to its followers. Since I am only starting to gain and keep followers, I do not want to confuse them with ever-changing blog design no matter how cheap the fee is for website designers and website builders.

I am just glad that I haven’t encountered a site yet which uses the same template design as Ruthilicious’!

See, I even used my header as my Facebook Fan Page Profile pic:

And look at my calling cards!

Yes, I have requested the designer (who is also my friend) to design it like that, and she got it right! Talks about personalized service!

So, I’ll keep my design and just figure out how to transfer this blog to the domain name I have bought some months ago. 😀

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