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Reebonz: Unveil the Surprise – A Private Sale Site of High End Brands

April 24, 2011

I was supposed to log off my pc and hit the bed, when I saw a friend in Facebook suggesting Reebonz City. Hmm.. something’s telling me the page has a great surprise – true enough, when I opened the page and registered, I was like unwrapping a present, untying the ribbon and here’s the surprise –

It is a site which holds private sale of items for a limited time. It works like Ava.  What is good is that it offers designer and high-end brands. For a second I thought I can finally afford to buy a Prada and Ballenciaga. Looking through the events satisfied my need to shop today (actually I just bought some tops today, but I still want to buy some more items). Aside from bags and accessories, other sales include travel and food packages.

This site is for invite only! So I am inviting you to register at Reebonz City (just click this referral link) and get updated with the private sale schedules. Remember that sale is only good for limited time, and upon checking the list, most of the items are already sold out!

 This site is such a breather for the usual Laser Underarm deals and travel packages I see in Group Buying Sites! 😉

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