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Are you 100% Guilt-free Shopper? A World Fair Trade Org Asia Campaign

May 22, 2011

Who loves to shop here? ME! ME! ME! Shopping makes me guilty at times, especially if I find myself shopping for items that I don’t really need. Like a top still stored in its original paper bag, waiting to be worn; or a lip gloss that I have yet to open. But other than the reason of spending too much, there’s a deeper reason to be guilty about if the item we had bought have caused the life, health and welfare of others to have it produced.

In this light, the World Fair Trade Day campaign is being launched and celebrated worldwide, being supported by thousands of people, social and environmental groups, national governments, producers and consumers all around the planet. It was my first time to hear about this, and I am surprised that alot of people are actually getting more aware and helping the World Fair Trade Organization to support its cause.

Last March 14th, World Fair Trade Organization Asia celebrated the World Fair Trade Day in Shangri-la Plaza Mall Grand Atrium. I took part on this campaign as a blogger and more importantly as a shopper.

The launch showcased photo exhibits of the 12 ambassadors of the consumer campaign “100% Guilt Free Shopper”. The campaign aims to inform everyone (I think not just consumers, but more importantly business owners), that through SWITCHING to Fair Trade by either BUYING (certified Fair Trade products) or SUPPORTING (sponsoring, donating, fundraising, etc), they have the power to beat serious problems in the society like poverty, climate change, discrimination, exploitation and ignorance.

The personalities are from movie, fashion, media, social media and music. I noticed though that we are missing one for sports – I was informed that it should have been Azkal’s team captain – Phil Younghusband, however, he cannot accommodate due to conflict of schedule.

Actually, everyone can take part as the campaign targets 1,000,000 switchers by the end of the year. 1,000,000 people who realized that their purchase behavior can change the quality of the life of other all over the world.

I am a switcher (yes, my name and picture is on the list!), and although I know it would be hard for me to be 100% switcher, I can start by awareness and taking the first step. You can be like me, or Emma Watson, Paul Mc Cartney, or Annie Lennox who are also active supporters of Fair Trade. Emma Watson actually partnered with WFTO member called People Tree to release a fair trade clothing in UK. 
My pic holding that poster is posted somewhere in the WFTO ASIA Facebook Page,
just look me up there. No stalking, please 😀

Alot of questions were raised during the event, like how to ensure we are buying products from a store which practices Fair Trade. I know it would be hard for everyone to even know, but the point is, through awareness, and through this step, we are at least making the first move in making that change. 
Q&A after the introduction of Ambassadors
Cathy Untalan, Miss Earth Foundation Exec Directory, came in
with her Rags to Riches  pouch bag, showing her support to Fair Trade.
I love Rags to Riches bag too! 
Alyanna Marinez, Fashion Stylist – shared that by choosing suppliers
which practice Fair Trade, she is making a step in supporting the campaign.
The highlight of the event was the “musical show” wherein the Ambassadors played a thumbing and tapping music in celebration of the World Fair Trade. The audience and guests joined in by clapping their hands together in the right rhythm. It was fun!
Musicians, or not – they played the same tune!
The guests and audience gamely joined the campaign!
If you want to be a volunteer, or be a sponsor, check out the World Fair Trade Organization Facebook Fan Page. WFTO Asia partnered with Hygienex, Human Nature (love their Citronella oil!),, the Philippine Climate Change Commission, AIESEC Philippines, Miss Earth Foundation, Ecosack, The Printing Place,,, and Business World. 
To show my support to this campaign, I bought this lovely earrings from Mano-Mano. That makes me 1% guiltless shopper, I have to work on the remaining 99%. Do share this post and help us spread the word. Awareness is the key! 

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