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Converse Block Party 2011: Celebration of Conversation and Fashion

May 30, 2011

I was feeling too depressed on a Saturday morning so I just thought of attending the Converse Block Party at the Mall of Asia to feel free and yeah, just to party.

It was such a fun event starting at 10:00 in the morning. It was time to be radical and for once, vandalism was allowed and legal – with all the spray paints and colored chalks everywhere you can speak yourself and tell the world you were there partying with the usual ” —– was here” note or simply promote your site. Boys were free to play basketball with other boys (just like in communities), and some were just too high to play the skateboards.

Yes, I was there.
Cute lil kid joining the fun!

If you are wondering what is the Converse Block Party about? It aims to bring the entire community to an entire day (and night) of street games (from basketball to skateboarding), dance exhibitions, musical performances and raffle. Too bad I missed the concert feat Glock9 and Callalily. I left at 4:00 PM to get some zzz’s..

It is like the Fourth of July Block Parties in United States – but this one promotes friendship and camaraderie, as I’ve seen from the boys playing basketball – they only met each other that day, yet they play as if they were old friends.

True to the spirit of bringing families and communities together, the Converse Chuck Taylor is an iconic street-wear status that bridges the gap between individuals. Imagine how easy it is for people wearing Chuck Taylor to strike a conversation with each other. I, even though I don’t own one (yet), can easily compliment someone who is wearing a statement Chuck Taylor.

Aside from basketball games, and fun photobooths and 3D movie booth, and music shows and contest, the Converse Block Party also showcased the fun, iconic Converse Collections.

Converse Basketball: Then and Now

It’s a Poorman Ballgame (Php2,950 to Php3,190)

Sicks and Triumph in Converse Sick

Converse All Star,  I always here that when I was younger, and I know it came from a basketball show. We can always associate Converse with Basketball with countless shoes worn by countless basketball players. From release endorsed by Dr. J, Larry Bird and Magic Johnson to more sleek and durable designs of today.

I am not really a fan of basketball, (although they say I could pass as a player), but I do recognize those shoes with skimpy shorts players used to wear in the yester-years.

Star Tech Revival (Php3,750)

Hero Inspiration

I super loooove this collection because I love anything comics and vintage-y. We all grew up watching these super-heroes. This collection needs no more introduction. Just look at the designs and you would fall inlove with them. I am sure you are thinking of buying, not just one but two, or maybe three, or the whole collection.

Yes, not only adults fancy these DC heroes, but also kids – so this collection has sizes for kids too!

Independent Women with Marimekko!

Marimekko stands tribute to the bold and adventurous streak of women everywhere. The prints and pattern are striking yet appealing.

Time to celebrate fashion by wearing this collection. I personally love this one in orange shoelace!

Since school would start again next week, Converse has something new for the students, the School-Savvy Converse Collection. It consists of backpack, sling bag, and utility bag.

I love the new backpack which has compartment inside for laptop. It also has a net compartment for jug and detachable bag which can also serve as a utility bag or kikay kit for girls.

Check out for more information on these collections.

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