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Dealies.Ph: Not Another Groupon But Delivers the Best Deals and Discounts from Group Buying Sites

May 15, 2011
Is your inbox always flooded with alerts from Ensogo, CashcashPinoy and all other group buying sites, that you find it hard to locate your boyfriend/girlfriend’s email? Is your Facebook Homepage also flooded with the same information plus the likes and link shares of your friends regarding a travel package, food discount and the most popular underarm laser promo from these group buying sites?
I am raising my hand, AND DOING AN UPPER CASE to say I am one of you guys. 
Sometimes, I just want to hide all the updates, and block the messages, or just fully unsubscribe, but I don’t want to miss on the next best deal, especially that deals are good only in a limited time. Here comes to save the day, (and space in our mails!).

Dealies Philippines searches all group buying sites for the latest deals and discounts, and deliver them to their subscribers. Just to be clear, Dealies Philippines is not a group buying site, but is out in the cyberspace to deliver (not give) the best deals in town. 
What is good and impressive about the site is it not just collects and collates all the active deals in the group buying sites, but also discusses and shares relevant information and (just about what is happening in the great Metro) to help consumers decide on what deals to purchase – through a blog. I really love how their “blogger” presents the idea and information. It is informative yet entertaining. Worthy to be nominated as one of the Most Influential Bloggers! 
Read the Q&A below to know the technical side of Dealies Philippines:
Is Dealies all about group buying aggregation?
We consider the group buying scene to be stable even after it is no longer ‘hot.’ However, we are
also involved with private shopping clubs and will soon enter shoe sale aggregation, thus not limiting
ourselves to just one particular market venture.

We intend to provide our users with the services they desire now and the ones they will desire in the
future above all, whether or not they remain identical. However that said, group buying daily deals
remain our central focus and are, of course, the foundation of our website and we believe that they will remain a germane aspect of online shopping.

So we see the green facade, but what is the tech behind Dealies?

Dealies has a large international presence and we are packing some serious tech into this solution to
scan all the deals sites in every country where we are present.

Our developers scrape daily deals from group buy websites onto our WordPress (yes, we use WordPress, go make fun of us now) (I actually have high respect for people who use WordPress! I don’t know how to use it! 😀 – Ruth) which we use to edit and design the site. We also use PHP. and we’re running our website on the Cloud (Amazon EC2) and thus can manage even high traffic peaks easily. Cloud means that we do not have a single web server, we manage our website through Amazon 
and when traffic levels are high, we simply get more computing power from Amazon with a few clicks.

Who does the deals search on the internet, do you have human input or is this purely done with

We scour the web to find group buying sites, that was for sure human input, but once we have a site’s
deal XMLs synced with our site they run automatically. But humans always have to watch out for new
group buying websites to add to our site, they pop up every other day! is one of the more “labor intensive” sites we have as we try to customize to each market. The amount of special deals, bargains, mall sales and events in the Philippines calls for super human efforts, bots just can’t handle that, at least for now. (I know how hard it is to search through the web and Facebook for all the new group buying sites in the country! Check out my list here. – Ruth)

Who are the people behind Dealies?
I am not sure if the people working on this project are too comfy to disclose their identities, but let’s just say that Dealies is under a group from Berlin, Germany and is involved in several e-commerce sites around the globe. 
Now I know your fingers are itching to check the latest deals all over the country. Like the now on Facebook, and subscribe at by clicking this link

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