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Have You Also Received the Reader’s Digest and HSBC Promo Mail?

May 11, 2011

I received this letter last week with stamps of Readers’ Digest and HSBC logos. I know for a fact that this is just the same as one of the many offers I have received some years ago from different companies, but since I am an HSBC card holder, I got curious and checked the documents inside.

It says that as a loyal HSBC cardholder, I am qualified to a very special offer. It was funny because my relationship with HSBC is less than a year. Anyway, so the offer is that I would receive a complimentary gift (a watch!) and subscription to Reders Digest magazine at Php324 dicount for 12 monthly issues.

You guys know how much I looove watches and discounts. The letter also includes a “key” to a brand new car and 5 cheques, that would entitle me to win 6M pesos. All I need to do is mail the return envelope and stick the Priority Sticker on it. Plus, there is even an enclosed voucher that I need to send for a chance to win an iPad. Who doesn’t want an iPad?!

I was ready to go to the post office. What am I to lose? The postage is free, I would get discount at Reader’s Digest subscription, plus I would get a new watch. BUT, the form asks for my credit card details. That made me think and decided to just take the pictures of the letters and make this blog.

I meant to call the HSBC support team to inquire on the validity of promo, but I don’t want to waste my time waiting just to check on this – as I have other more important things to do, and more important calls to make.

I just checked the HSBC site and found nothing about the Readers’ Digest tie up.

So after this post, the letter would go to my trash.


1. At least I have saved Php1,500.
2. I have saved the space in my room for new magazines – and I promise I would only buy/subscribe to magazines that I am really interested to read.
3. I don’t really need a new watch. I got plenty – that some even need battery replacement. The gift is not of good design too. Hehe.
4. I have saved my credit card details and card safety.

Have you also received the same letter? Have you subscribed? Share your thoughts. We are waiting..

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