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How to Prevent Wardrobe Malfunction?

May 24, 2011
I got more dresses and skirts than jeans in my closet. It is a fact. I grew up wearing dresses, that I even looked forward to wearing my very first pair of jeans. But my liking for jeans never lasted, I still prefer wearing skirts and dresses – even before dresses and minidresses became the preferred clothes of most of the girly chics. 
It must probably my skirt that got my partner 10 years ago. My colleagues would even tell me they never see me in jeans or slacks (but I do wear jeans – rarely). I love that dresses are so easy to wear and match with shoes. You just slip on it and you look so dressed up. I just thought that wearing jeans/slacks and looking for the perfect top to match it with, plus the shoes is like solving a math problem. 
So I am not the shirt and jeans type of woman,  which makes underwear even more important to me. With all those backless dresses and tops, and plunging necklines, one must be smart in choosing the right underwear to wear – unless you want to be the next big star of a wardrobe malfunction. 
Just want to share the few items I do use whenever the dress’ style, or cut calls for it.

The Nippies is made of silicon material which is washable and can be worn a hundred times. It sticks easily and gives full coverage. 😉 I have won this from an online contest, but you can buy one from the Strip (Ministry of Waxing) for Php1500 (I think). 
Nipple Tapes from Her Bench (at Php175?) for 4 pairs. This is what I bring during travels as this one is disposable. 

Ever wonder how do celebs dance and wiggle and shake, and their necklines just stayed there and all well-behaved? Tadaaah!! Dress Tapes! It is like a double sided tape that you stick on your dress (necklines) and skin. I super love it! This one I bought from Forever21 online store. I haven’t seen this yet in Forever21 stores in Manila though.
More than investing on nice dresses and chic-est tops, make sure you have these in your wardrobe; and please, please use them when going out.
 Alright, dates with your lover/husband are exceptions! 

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