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I Can Now Buy My Proactiv Solution in Mall Kiosks!

May 7, 2011

Some weeks ago, I met up with friends that I haven’t seen for months. Aside from the usual topics that we love to discuss like food, travel destinations and my friend’s sudden passion in saving the Dolphins, we talked about skin care products. Maybe because we feel that the signs of aging are suddenly showing up in our face, hands, eyes and neck.

I was surprised when my friend told me that I am getting fairer and “clearer” (I got the bad genes which has sensitive skin and prone to acne). I told her maybe because I had passed the puberty stage, and probably because am still loyal with Proactiv (add the fact that I am happier with what I am doing now despite lack of sleep and unhealthy diet). 
I suddenly remember my long on and off relationship with Proactiv Solution. I first received the package from my sister 10 years ago from the US. She told me that it was new in the market and is the best skin care set for acne. I was a bit hesitant to try it. First, because the packaging is not the girly, pinky type of bottles. The solution is packed in bottles that gives an impression that they are medicine and that you should take them seriously. Second, I never know anything about Proactiv. When I checked the site, Vanessa Williams came up on the webpage, and I thought everything is just for promotion. Third, I felt that there is no cure for my skin condition but to take pills which control sebum production. 
Daily Oil Control Moisturizer, Refining Mask, Oil-Free Moisturizer – I got ample stocks!
Other Proactiv Solution products aside from the basic 3-step system.
The Guide!
The package says I can return the set if I am not happy with the results, with full money back. I had to try the set out of desperation; plus the fact that it states that it combines all the active ingredients which fight acne. It contains not just one ingredient which is mostly present in a product, but Proactiv Solution has them all. 
It worked a long process to renew my skin. It is not like any other products that would give you the result in just 7 or 30 days. I religiously followed the routine and it does work wonders. At some point, my supply of Proactiv was stopped because of shipment issues; so I even asked friends who were visiting US to buy a set for me just so I could use it. I was surprised when Watson’s finally offers Proactiv in the Philippines. I was even amazed when I saw celebrities like Mandy Moore and Justin Bieber sharing their Proactiv stories. 
Ok, don’t go looking for me and expecting a smooth, clear face worthy of a TV commercial. I can say that Proactiv helped me managed my acne especially in occasions like parties, events, and job interviews. 
Teens and those who have severe acne are actually lucky that Proactiv is now in the Philippines, and even available in Mall kiosks. I am happy with the thought that it would save me money from ordering in the US, and that I can conveniently buy a set from Trinoma Mall.  I am not surprised that Proactiv Solution is the number 1 anti-acne product in the US ; and I am sure that it would soon be in the Philippines. People would tell me that it is too pricey for a skin care product, but it is all worth the money. 
Here is the list of Mall Kiosks where you can buy Proactiv Solution:
Glorietta 3 Branch
(Near the entrance of Glorietta 3; infront of Body Shop, Dorothy Perkins)
Contact Person: Gladys May Flores
Contact Number: (02) 388 28 48
Robinsons Galleria Branch
(Located at 3rd floor, West Wing; near VMV Hypoallergenics, Vivere Salon)
Contact Person: Ginalyn Flores
Contact Number: (02) 380 5506
[email protected], Victoria Towers Timog
(Located near Timog entrance of [email protected]; near BDO)
Contact Person: Monaliza Pawilan
Contact Number: +63916 422 2995
Trinoma Branch
(Located at Second Floor of Trinoma; near Reebok, Stoked Inc.)
Contact Person: Jean Tamayo
Contact Number: (02) 380 3801
Marquee Mall, Angeles
(Located at First Floor of Marquee Mall; near Vans, Mango, Maldita)
Contact Person: Evangeline Bersabe
Contact Number:  +63915 385 3103 / +63949 737 0444
Il Terazzo Mall, Tomas Morato (New!)*
(Located in First Floor of Ill Terrazzo; near Girl Shoppe, Omakase)
Contact Person: Efren Jaranilla
Contact Number:  +63912 231 4271
I found out that Proactiv Solution has an on-going promo for fresh graduates (teens and fresh grads are so lucky!) Just buy the 60-day trial set and receive gift pack worth Php 1,399 (Gift Pack includes STEP 1 Renewing Cleanser 30ml, Revitalizing Toner 30ml and Repairing Treatment 30ml) by presenting the school or university ID. This promo is only available to the prime locations in Metro Manila. Note that this offer is only for the first 10 buyers per kiosk – not including II Terrazzo Mall, Tomas Morato kiosk.
Here is the complete mechanics:
  1. Customer must buy Proactiv 60-day kit from any of the participating stores mentioned above.
  2. Customer must buy within the prescribed promo period. Purchases of Proactiv Kits outside the promo period are not eligible to redeem free item with.
  3. To redeem the FREE Gift Pack with SRP Php1399, customer must present a proof of identification that he/she is a bona fide student of a school or university.
  4. Customer must sign the Promo Terms and Conditions Agreement Form which will be provided by respective Proactiv Promodisers to the first 10 buyers per participating outlet. 
  5. If Customer avails of the standard limited Money Back Guarantee issued by the distributor- Top American Products Solution Inc (TAPS). The customer has 2 choices:
  • The customer can avail of the full refund of Proactiv 60 day kit provided that he/she will return both products (Proactiv 60 day kit and the FREE Gift Pack to – Top American Products Solution Inc (TAPS).
  • Should the customer wish to keep the FREE Gift Pack P1399, the refund value will be deducted from the SRP of Proactiv 60 day kit. The refund value will be P2596.
I just thought I have to share the good news! If you have Proactiv or any proactive stories, share it and drop me a comment! 

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