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I Love Photos (and Camwhoring) But I Still Prefer a Digital Camera

May 25, 2011

I am the type who loves to take pictures. Even when digital cameras, or smart phones and DSLRs were not yet that popular, I was always the one who buys film with 36 shots during school events, trips and affairs.

Although DSLR is the new fashion accessory (they hung so sleek unto someone’s neck), I still prefer a good digital camera. When my camera died on me three months ago. I felt so naked that I don’t want to go on trips, and even blog. I cannot perform well. I need camera to take pictures of the people, reactions, emotions, scenes, and yes, food.. and even peculiar things like insects or stains, or any shapes that catch my attention. My friends told me that I need to get a DSLR, but I am too old to be swayed by peer pressure. I know what I wanted. A digital camera which I can bring anywhere discreetly, especially that I am a commuter. Second reason would be, I don’t have much money to buy a new camera. When I purchased my digicam (it is actually a Sony Camera DSC-W350 14.1 megapixels), it was not even on my budget.

Before making a purchase, the biggest question would be the brand. My friend suggested a Panasonic Lumix camera because of my extreme activities during travels. But I thought, I would not only use my camera during travels.


So it was a tie between Canon and Sony. But the first camera that I owned was Canon, and it died on me during our trip in Singapore where I purchased my Sony camera. For some weird reason, my Sony camera died on me when I was in Subic – for the same reason. It just gives a white image on screen after taking a picture.

But I have decided to purchase Sony. I considered the service center whenever I would purchase a brand. Canon’s Service Center is in Makati, while for Sony, the nearest one is just a two-jeepney ride from home.

The next dilemma would be what model to buy?

I made a careful review and did research. I read blogs, forum, website features, even So I have decided on Sony DSC-W350. It is sleek and so tiny! I love that it uses the same type of memory card with my old Sony camera. The automatic setting is just perfect and adjusts to the light setting.

Here’s a nice picture I have taken using my then new Sony DSC-W350 in Vigan, Ilocos.

I have seen some of my friends’ pictures in the same spot in Calle Crisologo, but it was sad that the cameras were not able to capture the true light and beauty of the place. Glad that my digital camera is just so perfect in taking the almost-perfect picture. I know the DSLRs look so commanding and professional, but I am not really that open to learning photography, so for now I am happy with my camera which I can shoot in my bag whenever I travel, go out with my family, attend parties or events.

So what kind of camera you want to take with you when taking pictures?

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