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Nuffnang and Hapee Special Screening

May 29, 2011

People always want to be tagged as first class, and always want to avail of the “first class” services – be it from dining in restaurant, booking a hotel or flying airlines. We all want that “first class” branding. Here comes two brands which are first class in their own rights.

Nuffnang is not just a third party brand connecting advertisers and publishers, but more importantly, it is a community which cares about its publishers and clients. It gives personalized services to its clients to fit their branding and needs through promotions and events – which is mutually beneficial to the publishers and its readers.

Happee on the other hand is the first world-class Filipino brand of toothpaste equally competitive with other known international brands. It never stops in innovating its product and reaching out to the needs of consumers.  Now, that’s another reason to be proud to be Pinoy and smile, and be hapee! (happy).

Wondering what’s with an X? I know it is all checks for both brands. Nuffnang is always cooking something exciting!

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