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PDA Partners with Pepsodent to Launch “Batang May K”

May 6, 2011

I just had my root canal treatment done last Sunday, and hopefully next week, I would get those wires stapled on my teeth. I am not part of those who got pearly-whites, toothpaste-commercial-worthy smiles. If I would only compute how much I had spent and been spending to have that Close-up smile, it would amount to more than Php100,000 – enough money for me to visit Korea and exchange smiles with the locals.

Maybe I should blame myself for eating too much chocolates when I was younger, and hating every dentist visit. You would agree with me if I say having such a nice teeth and smile would make someone more beautiful, the same way that a crooked teeth would break someone’s look and confidence. Another fact, tooth decay, although preventable, is one of the most common chronic diseases in the world. Most of those who are affected are kids, 6 years of age and below.

In this line, the Philippine Dental Association (PDA) and Unilever partnered together, not just to fight cavities, but also to create awareness regarding the intensive oral health and personal hygiene dubbed as Batang May K. I was lucky and thankful to be invited to the press conference of Batang May K (Phase II) last Wednesday (May 8th) at the PICC.

Batang May K is just one of the projects regarding oral health improvements under the “Live. Learn. Laugh.” program taking place around the world initiated by Unilever and the FDI World Dental Federation. The first phase of Batang May K was introduced in Batangas in 2007. It seeks to improve young children’s oral health and overall readiness for school. The project was introduced to the media, and distinguished guests by a video presentation. It was nice to see that this program not only stresses the importance of brushing one’s teeth day and night, but also eating healthy food and washing hands; as well as waste segregation and bi-annual de-worming.

Cute brushing kids!

The event was graced by top names in the dental groups, Dr. Robert Tajonera, President of the Philippine Dental Association shared interesting facts about campaigns. I was surprised to know that February is not just for Valentines Day as it is also the National Dental Health Month; and 3rd week of June is the Oral Cancer Awareness Week. I was even amazed to know that there is already a law passed regarding dental health care. For kids, Jollibee and Grimace mascots are not the only reason to be excited about; as PDA also has its very own mascot called Captain D (Dentist).

Dr. Tajonera finished his talk with the message – “Oral Health is part of the healthy body system.. It equates to good quality of life.”

Dr. Robert Tajonera shared that as dentists, they should take it
upon themselves to promote oral health care.

If a good quality of life means securing your job and keeping those confidence, and probably seeing places and smiling at people – I agree to that. How many of us have given up the dream of being a flight attendant, a model and a front liner just because we don’t have a good set of teeth?

The second speaker, Mr. Fernando Fernandez, Chairman and CEO of Unilever Philippines shared why Pepsodent teamed up with PDA in this campaign – “Pepsodent is an affordable, healthy family brand.. to improve the quality of mouth and life“. True to that advocacy, the Batang May K gave away set of toothbrush, mug and toothpaste to the school children of Batangas to promote the awareness.

In this campaign, the saying Prevention is Better than Cure once again stands out.

Dr. Robert Vianna, President of FDI World Dental Federation is proud of the
Philippine Dental Associate-Pepsodent partnership to reach over 22,000 pre-school children

Dr. Analia Mendez, Global Personal Healthcare and Home Hygiene
Partnership Director of Unilver stresses “.. small everyday action can make a big difference..”

The event ended with the finger printing on the “It Takes Two” Commitment Wall and I also took part on it!

There goes my fingerprints! Thick and wet – means passion and commitment!

The talented kids of Batangas shared their wonderful art pieces depicting what good oral health is with the movers and shakers of this campaign.

It is truly an inspiring event and advocacy. I am happy that eventhough I no longer belong to that age bracket of 6 years and below, I was able to hear the inspirations behind the Batang May K Campaign directly from the people behind it. And although I do not have the perfect set of teeth (yet), I have every reason to smile when I left the venue.

There is more to Peace to the World, there is It Takes Two to inspire people. 

Please share the love and awareness, and let’s support the PDA and Pepsodent in this campaign, please share this post. It only takes a few clicks! 😉

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