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QPlus: Networking Business Plus Newly Launched Wellness Products

May 30, 2011

I am sure that all of us had been invited to a networking business. It is usually held in the main office of the company, or usually in the coffee shop where the guests would be seated in a round table with the business partner discussing the benefits of taking part of the business.

I was recently invited to one prestigious get-together of an international network marketing leader, QPlus – and the agenda was not just about the networking, but more importantly the launching of its new products. The event was held in Richmonde Hotel, Eastwood City on May 21st.

One of the products launched was the Bio-Resonance Hair Analysis. This analysis is a non-invasive procedure that examines trace elements in the hair, enabling trained health professionals to determine one’s overall health and nutritional state by examining the cells in one’s hair. This way, professionals can then recommend a dietary set to correct one’s health state. It is impressive innovation and reminds me of C.S.I.

Ole Olive Leaf Extract – antioxidant more powerful than Vit C.

Another amazing product introduced was the Ole Olive Leaf Extract. I was surprised that Olive Leaf Extract actually has 5 times the antioxidant potential of Vitamin C. The presentation may be a little too technical for me to digest, but the point is, it slows down oxidative damage and fights free radicals in the body when combined with proper diet and exercise. Note that it is also processed, prepared and packed in a Halal-Certified Facility.

Water Purifying Instrument that is yet to be launched!

To be honest, I am not the type who usually takes and tries all new available health products in the market. But to strengthen the branding of these new innovations, QPlus had invited some members to share their testimonials and one old lady shared that she used to have Psoriasis and she was treated by taking Ole’. I was totally amazed at how glowing she looks at her age.

Having such nice products that work wonders in one’s health, expect that these items doesn’t come cheap. Even QPlus‘ existing products, like VitaCode Optima, VitaCode Alpha Women and VitaCode Alpha Men are priced like real investments. The good thing is that QPlus is the first networking business that offers installment payment for their membership, unlike other companies that require straight cash payment for members.

Member, Ferdie Tolentino shared and stressed the benefits of joining the business as it gives monthly profit that one can only earn for working and saving in a year. He shared one can enjoy the luxuries of life by traveling and yet, your money that you have put in the business would work for your advantage.

Ms. Donna Imson is a reflection of good health and wealth!

Although this sounds too good to be true, I observed keenly how their members present themselves, and I have no doubts that this company does pay back big. Their skin is glowing, they dress well, and they present themselves professionally. It was a funny thought to remember, that once we encountered a woman recruiting members to join a networking business and they were in a coffee shop. She didn’t even bother treat her guests to a cup of coffee, and we noticed that she was wearing a fake pearl earrings. We don’t want to sound mean, or judgemental, but if you are saying that one can earn big in your business, you have to present and show facts.

At the VIP room, Mr. Ferdie Tolentino and Ms. Donna Imson answered more questions.

Another important point that I noticed in QPlus is that they sell their products more than its business. They stressed that they wanted to help people to have a healthier life and well-being. I guess that makes them more successful, and bigger as a networking business.

I have yet to try the Ole Olive Leaf Extract, and I am hoping I get positive results.

If you have heard about QPlus, and its products, please share your thoughts and testimonies. Would love to read them.

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