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The Samsung 2View Camera Series: You Are In Photo Frame – Jump Shot or Not!

May 26, 2011

I was just talking about digital cameras on my previous post, then, surprise! Surprise! Here’s Samsung 2View Cameras!

I remember when the 3G phone was first introduced, and I was lucky to own one. I find it so “hi-tech” because you can see how you look in a picture just like looking at the mirror and pose with your best angle, before hitting the shutter. But then, 3G phones just died when smart phones were introduced. Well, actually, mine is still working but I don’t use it anymore.

But here is an impressive innovation from Samsung. The Samsung 2View Cameras have dual LCD screen feature found at the front side and back side of the camera.

I think the 2View feature is just perfect when traveling alone. I am sure everyone has mastered the art of taking your solo picture by holding the camera aiming it towards you, and extending your arm, then clicking the shutter, hoping the picture would not come out blurry.

Now I feel the need to have this camera especially that I get invited to some events where celebrities are just around you and you are free to have your pictures taken with them. If I have a Samsung 2View Camera, I can just easily point it to us and check how I look and press the shutter when I got my best angle (celebrities always look good in every angle, so they don’t need to worry). 😉

The more impressive feature is the Child Mode (I know my camera has this setting too, but I honestly don’t know how it works). For Samsung 2View Camera Series though, you can download fun videos which you can play when taking your baby’s picture – to keep them entertained and smiling! I am not a mom, but I know how hard it is to capture a baby’s precious smile when taking pictures. So with this feature, there is no need for me, (or for mom or dad) to make goofy faces just to make the baby smile.

Plus, it has a Jump Shot feature (yes, that favorite pose we love to take at the beach – how many shots have we wasted to get the perfect jump shot?!). It offers a visual count down in its front screen that tells you exactly when to jump before taking three fast shots of you and your friends. How cool? Maybe Wacky Shot feature is a future enhancement?

So the Samsung 2View Camera Series comprised of – PL120 (Php 8,990), ST700 (Php 15,990) and PL170 (Php11,990). Real cheap for its features. BUT just like the Samsung Facebook Fanpage because they are giving away 2 Samsung 2View Cameras to two lucky likers! (I am hoping my luck in winning in raffles would work once again!).

Below are the mechanics:

1. Like and Share the Samsung Camera Facebook Fanpage to your friends.

2. Type “Win Samsung 2View Cameras by liking and sharing @Samsung Cameras PH” in your status message box. Don’t forget to tag the Samsung Camera fan page!

3. All tagged entries will be raffled off, where two (2) lucky fans get a chance to win a Samsung 2View Camera – (ST500)!

Promo Period: May 15, 2011 – May 30, 2011

Very short promo period, so act now!
What do you think of the new Samsung 2View Camera?

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