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When the Bosses Eliminate Your Job and Move Your Team to A New Site

May 29, 2011

This blog was initially written in my notebook at 8:00AM of March 28th, Saturday

Have you ever felt that feeling when you don’t want to quit your job because you are happy with what you are doing, and you work with very smart, competitive professionals and your leaders and big bosses are supportive of your personal and professional goals? Sounds too good to be true, but this is what I am feeling right now.

I know how people would usually complain about their jobs, the work they do, the politics in the workplace, and their lazy bosses. We see them everyday in our Facebook feed and Twitter updates and even blogs.

My work is not all fun. I work in a multinational company who has millions of employees who are best of the best in their own fields. I deal with employees and managers, and executives from other geographies who most of the time, are demanding and their simple “thanks” would mean heaven and earth to a practitioner that I am.

As much as I want to stay in the role, and in the team, and continue to perform and contribute – I don’t have a choice. I am not terminated just to be clear. I have never violated the code of conduct – I never steal anything from the office or make out with anyone (even to that manager in the 3/f).  But yes, I am losing my job. It is management initiated to eliminate our jobs since our company, being a champ of innovation, has created a new application which would automatically process the work we are doing.

It was announced last year, but only now did it hit me (hit me so badly), that it’s really happening. At 5:00 AM in the morning when I usually take a break, or prepare my stuff to log out, the system we were using was frozen.

So it’s really happening. Don’t think that my company is so heartless about the change. We would actually be given 60 days to look for a job within our company.

My leaders are always very supportive. They even have positions opened for us within the team, and it is for us to take it or find a new role outside our team but still within the company. I appreciate that, however, I am not that confident about the job (any job that requires too much math).

I thought of considering the job to still be sheltered with the wonderful people and great management team; however, another big announcement came in today – we are moving to another site!

The site which would usually cause me a minimum wage earner’s pay in a day as my daily transportation allowance.

As much as I want to get mad, I cannot. The management team is so understanding, and supportive and transparent about the whole decision to move. They are open to reactions, and feedback. They are so kind, and open and you just can’t be mad.

I never know making a decision is so hard. I had made alot of decisions in the past which involved and affected other people’s lives; but this one is like a puzzle which cannot be solved. I told my friend, I wish this is just about choosing what’s good and evil – or lesser evil. Just like breaking up with a boyfriend or telling your mom that you had broken her favorite vase.

Maybe, most of the readers cannot relate to me. Maybe only a few, or just the 70 other members of the team can relate to me and my relationship with my management team. They are supportive of everyone’s personal growth and promotes work-life balance. Imagine that in less than a year with the team, I had already filed 3 long vacations (not counting the one and two-day time-offs), and they never questioned my productivity and contribution before approving them. They even support my love for blogging and writing – that my boss’ boss’ boss even encourage me to promote my site to the team; and yes, I received good words from them whenever my article would be published in the company’s newsletter (yes, I also write for my company), and yes they do read my blog. They were also ecstatic when they found out I won a vacuum cleaner from Electrolux! How cool is that?

These are just simple gestures that a regular employee can appreciate, I don’t even want to mention the things they do to support our growth and build our careers especially that we are losing our jobs in a few months.

This is during a General Assembly – yes, our GAs have themes!
Id rather not mention names, or company – I want to protect my team’s and teammates’ privacy too

Then, there goes my team. I am just so glad to be part of the team – the team which everyone look up to. My friend from another team recently talked to me, and he shared to me how happy I look now compared to when I was working with another team. I work with very wonderful people who have personalities and positive attitude radiating in them – so I guess that helps. We have CPAs, engineer, an awardee of a Most Outstanding Citizen in their city, owners of best thesis in College, Quiz Bee champion, student council presidents, missionary workers, runners and other “titles” that they don’t boastfully share, but did share during our group discussions. Yes, we have a meeting/discussion every other Friday wherein we talk about anything other than work. We even have events similar to sports fest, a ghost-hunting event, and outreach program which were all organized by my teammates. How did they do that? I honestly don’t know. They were so good in juggling work and stopping time to finish all their tasks.

I would really miss everything and the branding it gave me if I decide to leave and take a new role outside the team. It is really hard to decide. Miniminiminimu..

1. I want to stay with the team, eventhough I do not like the role they are offering me and the new site is too far from my place.

2. Look for a new role outside the team – hopefully from the same site which is accessible to my place – BUT that means, I would need to build myself once again to the new team and new managers.

I actually don’t want to post this in my blog now, because it makes me a little emotional. I hope fairy godmother or Genie can help me decide. I wish earning and working is as easy as selling nursing uniforms from

What are your thoughts? Help me decide!! I am not giving away prizes for comments, but I need your insights.

(Notice that I always refer to my bosses as leaders? Yes, they are leaders to me. They are not just managers who ask you to get coffee from them or submit reports. A whole bunch of the best people I got to work with!)

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