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Carol’s Texan 5: Carol Would Serve More than Ribs and Chickens

June 10, 2011

People always ask me if I do food blogs. Yes, I do. I loooove trying new dishes, restaurants (or even snack and chips) in the Metro, even provinces and places outside the country. Yes I love buffets too. My built might be a little too deceiving but I know how to indulge and enjoy a good food.

I love pastas, anything fried, dishes with rich sauce, makis and anything sweet (for dessert), and anything spicy and sour (like crisp green mangoes!).

More than the fun of sharing good food with friends when dining, I love it when readers comment on the good food I discovered – which makes me want to be part of the Bloggers Buffet at Carol’s Texan 5.

I love attending events and joining the company of other bloggers who write not just about food, but travel and fashion and even not so popular niche like consumerism.

People, even from traditional media may not understand us if we take some shots of our food even before taking the knife and fork, and taking a bite. I may be a little sentimental about things, but I do it even before I started blogging about food – but the main purpose is so we have something to share and remember after a good event/meal.

Although most of the events I have attended to offers buffet, bloggers never really talk much about the food during events. A simple “the pasta is good“, “the dessert is good” are the usual comments. So this time around, I am hoping that at the Bloggers Buffet, we can be more focused on the food on our plates, and just enjoy the meal and get to know the Carol’s Texan 5.

Everyone loves Chicken, and I am included! I love the juicy, and flavorful taste of chicken marinated in special sauce, cooked and served hot. Writing this post is not so good, and looking at the picture below, I wonder if the Dynamite Wings are spicier than your regular Buffalo Wings – would it send explosions in my mouth?

And the Ultimate Texan Ribs is just fiery and fierce – I love the smell of grilled meat – it is weird but I love the charcoal-y taste too. They say I am eating cancer, but I love the sound of crunch and the bitter-sweet-tangy taste. I don’t even want to look at the pasta and the burger.. I am hungry and I am planning to only have cereal for breakfast.

When I get the invite to the event, I am planning to have my pic taken with those ribs and bones from Texan 5!

More importantly, I want to meet Ms. Carol. She is the woman behind Carol’s Texan 5 which offers the best chicken and ribs this side of Manila; and I want to have a picture with her (probably with the bones and ribs too!).

I guess I have stated enough reasons why I wanted to join the Bloggers Buffet.

If you want to try the great food from Carol’s Texan 5, you may contact or visit Carol through the contact details below:

Delivery: (02) 727.3843 / 0922.485.0154
Address: Carol’s Texan 5, 2F 713 J. Abad Santos St., Little Baguio, San

The place is not just for dining, but offers the below services too:

           • Dine-in (Enjoy your best chicken and ribs at Carol’s Texan 5!)
           • Delivery (We deliver to San Juan, Mandaluyong, Ortigas and Pioneer only.) – Hoping they would include Manila too!
           • Event Food Booths (Got an event? Carol’s Texan 5 booths are available for hire.) – How about for Christmas party in your company?
           • Party Trays (Order trays of your favorite Carol’s Texan 5 dishes for special occasions.) – You can choose which ones are your favorite and serve together with your best home-cooked food.
           • Functions (Hold events at Carol’s Texan 5.) – A very ribbed party!
           • Kiddie Meal Sets (Order meal sets for your office and kids parties.) – Give your kids a break – a bee and a clown are cuties but they need to take a day-off too 😉

Thanks to TenMinutesTops! and Club Travel Now for organizing this event!

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