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The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf’s New Drink: Espresso and Cream Ice Blended with Espresso Jelly

June 19, 2011

I no longer have a reason to go to Starbucks. Not because Starbucks is banning smoking nationwide – which I think is good. The only reason I go to Starbucks is to claim my free drink (Coffee Jelly Frappuccino – the only drink I order from Starbucks), or if I am meeting friends – but now, Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf gave me no reason to go back to Starbucks – they just released the new drink – Espresso and Cream Ice Blended with Espresso Jelly. Coffee Bean answered my prayers!

I had been telling the Coffee Bean managers to ask/request/beg the management to offer something like Coffee Jelly Frappuccino – and I am just glad that miracle finally happened.

You can order the drink without the Espresso Jelly just plain Espresso and Cream Ice Blended (large at Php175) or with Espresso Jelly (add Php30). It is a bit pricey I know, but I like it, and I am willing to pay for the quality (besides, I have a Belle De Jour Lifestyle Card which gives me free upsize on my drink!).
The day before I finally tasted the drink, I brought two of our clients to the store and I was so proud to tell them the variety of teas Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf is offering (that’s why the Tea Leaf on its name!). That’s when I saw the new drink on the menu. I have heard about the open house for this drink, but I thought that it is only available as hot drink and I never know anything about the jelly. Anyway, I was so excited to order a large size, but the cashier told me they could no longer serve with jelly.

Alright, I don’t care if it is a new drink and if it the new bestseller, it was only 10:00 PM and the store was still  open – the business is running, and I wonder how many loss of business they had that night? Anyway, I also had a major issue that night but I rather shoot the management a note so they can address that to their team. I am just disappointed that night – especially that I have brought clients and I was selling the store and its products as if they were my own.

So going back to the Espresso and Cream Ice Blended Drink – I looove it as it is not too sweet but I can still taste the kick of espresso in it. The jelly is a bit slimey. I was supposed to ask for a bigger straw as I thought the jellies won’t pass through that slim purple straw but they did.

When I posted a shout out in Facebook regarding the new drink, a friend commented that the jelly tasted like goma. I replied telling her that I don’t eat goma so I cannot compare. 🙂

I love it next to Ultimate Mocha. Okay, I know it is not easy to totally distance yourself from Starbucks since its stores are everywhere – you might still see me in Starbucks – when it is a treat (I cannot be choosy), or when majority of friends want to have coffee in Starbucks (I hate arguments!) and especially if my crushie invited me for coffee. 😉

I am looking at Coffee Bean’s Facebook Fanpage and I am glad that more and more people are loving the Ice Blended Drinks (that drink you call Frappuccino, Frap or Frappe was actually invented by the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf!). So no wonder the new drink is as good as the best-seller, Mocha Ice Blended.

Please try the Espresso and Cream Ice Blended with Espresso Jelly. Simply the best.

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