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I am No Genius, But I Need Not Just Smart But a Genius Phone!

June 23, 2011

If your idea of genius, is the one who wears eyeglasses, I don’t, so I am not. I am no studious, and even skipped classes during College, but I was always part of the top of the class since grade school. My IQ is above average and people say, I am street-smart. But when it comes to mobile phones, I guess I am stuck with the normal mobile phone which only allows me to call and text (then maybe, listen to FM radio).

I thought I am fine. I am no stockholder and no celebrity and I always say I don’t need so-so features. I am not the type who always checks the store windows to see what’s the newest model of mobile phones. I don’t search the internet what is latest in mobile phones or applications. And I don’t get envious if all my friends update their status in their Androids, Blackberry and iPhones. I am fine. I was fine. Until I realized my needs and lifestyle calls for more than a smart phone, but a genius phone.

I checked every aspect of my life and weigh things, and I know I need a genius and not just a smart phone!

Like a scientist, the hypothesis is that I need the LG Optimus 2x, the World’s First Dual Core Phone; and/or LG Optimus Black, the phone with World’s Brightest Display. A quick flashback and preview of my lifestyle, I already have a conclusion. Let’s test and check them..

As a Sister and a Lovah!

My siblings are all over the world.

My siblings live in different places in the Philippines, Asia and United States. They say that technology connects the world – and gone are the days of telegrams and express mails. To be able to connect with my family and update them with my whereabouts despite timezone differences, I need a genius phone which would allow me to connect to Skype anytime, anywhere. The LG Optimus 2X Mobile Phone has 4.0β€³ display @ 480Γ—800 pixels allowing me to experience clear connection with my family. The same with LG Optimus Black, which gives the brightest display for mobile phones.

My Favorite Guy in the World is Miles Away

I don’t want to be too clingy but I always want to get intouch with him and update him with what’s happening in my life – where I am, who I am with, what I am doing, what I am eating, and what I am wearing (and I am sure he would also want to know if I am not wearing anything!).

A genius phone is all I need so I can connect with him as soon as I wake up in the morning or before going to bed, without the need to boot my pc and pray for a good DSL connection. LG Optimus Black has a Nova Display in a 4.0″ screen which makes communication more lively, plus it can play Wav Ringtones. An incoming call would like music to my ears.

Businesswoman (?)

Online Seller

Aside from writing, I am also passionate about accessory-making. To reach out to a bigger market, I also sell my stuff online. As a seller, it is important to answer buyer’s questions and inquiries in a timely manner. Sometimes a 24-hour response time is no longer acceptable. People on the go, expect answers to their inquiries the moment they have clicked the SENT button (I am one of them!). No matter if they are sent in the morning, in the afternoon, at night or midnight, with a genius phone, I can easily answer inquiries and process orders; and even book shipments anytime, wherever I am. The delay in response might mean loss of interest from my buyers as they can easily close the deal with another seller who attend to them timely (and might be owning a genius phone… ouch!)

Online Buyer
I am not just a seller, but also support other sellers so I buy items online. One of my favorite sites is Ebay. Everyone knows that in Ebay, you are battling with time and other bidders so it is important to be online, and fighting for that item that you wanted especially in the few minutes before the listing ends. One time, I got so frustrated when we went to Subic as I was watching an Elvis Prestley bag and I couldn’t connect online. I was glad that my friend lend me her Android phone and I was able to bid and won the item. I don’t want to experience the same buying misery; so I need the LG Optimus 2x (with Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, DLNA, Wi-Fi hotspot features – same with LG Optimus Black) that can connect me and let me bids and wins the item I wanted.

Social Media Influencer/Blogger
I no longer want to post another event update in the past tense. That is always the case since I don’t have a smart phone to easily update my likers and followers with what is happening in the event I was covering. The drill is always – go home, upload pictures, watermark, do blog post and publish – ensuring my blog posts and updates are in the past tense. 
I really wish that the next time I cover an event, I can post something like “I am here at blah, blah .. enjoying margaritas with @blah, @blah” complete with picture of me holding a piece of paper with a phrase like – wish you were here..

The LG Optimus 2x and LG Optimus Black would just be perfect in capturing videos and for sharing with social media. The LG Optimus 2x has [email protected] feature.
Being a blogger, I also have alot of contacts – from PR peeps, other bloggers, followers and contest winners. I get to meet people everyday and I have to admit that I am not very good at matching names with faces. The unlimited phone book memory and Photocall features of both LG Optimus 2x and its sibling, LG Optimus Black are just perfect for me to keep a good relationship with the people I meet. 
The LG Optimus 2x gives a vibrant color with Nvidi Tegra 2 (1GHz Dual Core) – it may not be the brightest, but it gives vivid and clear images which stands out in the crowd. While the LG Optimus Black stands out in its sleek and chic design (and the lightest!) with Nova display. 

Wonderlust and Wanderer
We love to explore places and cultures, and part of travelling is getting stuck in the airport when the ground attendant announces flight delays. In this times, I can make use of the (supposedly) wasted time into blogging. OR just practically enjoy being a kid once again by playing games (as if I were playing game-&-watch and GameBoy!). I can download games using LG Optimus 2x which produces console-quality mobile games, and with battery life of 400hours for standby and 7hours and 50 minutes for talk time, I think that can last me until we landed on the destination.
Travelling means cam-whoring too! Although DSLR gives a commanding impression, I would still prefer a small digital camera. With an LG Optimus 2x, who needs another camera? It has 8 MP, 3264×2448 pixels, autofocus camera with LED flash. It can take perfect picture in the beach, or even at night while fire-dancers throw some balls of fire. The Optimus Black on the other hand, has 5MP camera with auto-focus and LED flash which best works in daylight. 
The LG Optimus Black has 2MP front-facing camera, while LG Optimus 2x  has 1.3MP secondary front-facing camera perfect for self-portrait or for a quick snap during celebrity encounters! πŸ™‚
It even has face and smile detection feature, and even geo-tagging – which makes it a good back-up camera if my digital camera cries dead battery.

Your Typical OfficeGirl
I don’t wear blazers or black stockings at work, but my position calls for client-facing. Aside from that, reports and updates are needed even if I have already turn on my Out-of-Office notification. In this case, I need to be connected with my team. The LG Optimus 2x and LG Optimus Black being Android Phones support the Lotus Notes Sametime Client. The messaging system we use at the office. 
How cool is that? If this one fails, I can always connect to them tru messaging or email (yes, using the LG Optimus 2x or LG Optimus Black!)
I don’t even want to elaborate how the organizer, Google Talk, MP4 player, digital compass and document viewer features of both LG Optimus 2x and LG Optimus Black are useful to my everyday life. 
Optimus is more than just smart. It’s genius. Visit for more information!

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