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June 13, 2011

My Magical Food Discovery: Magic Pop - Korean Rice Pops!

We were strolling around SM and I suddenly got surprised with the popping sound and flying "saucers" from one of the kiosks at the lower level of SM San Lazaro.

People were checking out the kiosk and leaving the area with a crunchy sound as they chew and walk. It's the Magic Pop Rice Pops!

It is just timely as I am craving for the spicy rice pops my brother brought home from Singapore. This one though is screaming "healthy". The plain one is not salty, it is light and crunchy. It is not fried rather produced from that big machine (which reminds me of a coffee grinder) so there is no oil and no trans fat (as it claims).

If you find the plain one too bland, you can buy the flavoured rice pops - there is cheese, chocolate and some other flavors. I tried the cheese and it is just good!

Flavors of Magic Pop!

Free taste for mallers! 

The Magic Pop Rice Pops are cheap at Php39.00 for plain Magic Pop and Php45.00 to Php49.00 for flavoured pops.

This is not a sponsored post, but if they would send me a truck of those Magic Pops would love to eat the crunchies as I blog. Check out the SM Malls if they have a stall and try it!

If you like it, please like the Magic Pop Facebook Fan Page. I just did. ;)