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Prescription Eyeglasses Can Be Fashionable Too!

June 24, 2011
Celebration calls for toasts, wines and fireworks! We would know if the event is a talk of the town if there would be fireworks displays (and I am talking about outdoor events). When we check our calendars and think of celebrations, we can note that the Fourth of July is the one event that we would celebrate soon (yes, people of Manila included!). 

Do you know there are fashion glasses that we can wear to better enjoy and see firework displays? The goal is to protect our eyes and better enjoy bursting lights and colors in the air. 

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You can find them at Zenni Optical which not just offer $6.95 prescription eyeglasses but also Holiday Theme Frames which can match your Christmas outfit, Valentine’s Day dress, and even Halloween Costume. One can choose from variety of frames and designs, so you would not be stuck with a boring prescription glasses. How cheap is $6.95? It is just the same price as other high-end brands’ shipping fee.

Although I am lucky to have a 20/20 vision that I was advised I can be a pilot, I would love to wear as funky as this piece. 

I love the round lens to soften my face. I always like rimless design, and the black frame goes well with any color of clothes. This can be worn casually, or even in the office (with some spunk and style!)
Time to grab a fashionable eyeglasses to wear this Independence Day/Fourth of July!
If you cannot see clearly through my blog post, I guess you need to order and wear prescription glasses.. Happy reading!

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