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June 28, 2011

It’s official. We’re going to China for vacation, and not for business trip. Two weeks ago, I received an invitation from our company for a great opportunity to work in China from August to September; however, due to business needs, I have to turn it down and just wait for a greater opportunity (hopefully by 2012).

Now my documents had been set, and I am just praying that we all get the thumbs up from the Embassy. The Spratlys issue is not the perfect timing at this point, but I am still hoping we get in. Per my friend’s advise, I also secured a bank certification for my joint dollar account with BPI. Securing the document only took a few minutes, with the charge of Php100 deducted from the bank account itself (that is just $2).

We have already booked accommodations in Sommerset (before booking, we were actually thinking of using my corporate discount); but we were thinking of using the Roomorama service. It lists all the available accommodations from condos, apartments and rooms in every part of the globe, offered by other people (hosts) at a very reasonable price.

Untitled from Roomorama on Vimeo.

So anyway, my friend told me that I should not be excited about the trip because it attracts negativity and may even be possible postponement! Okay, I am not actually very excited about it, and I was even surprised that we only have a month to prepare. I just need to plan my wardrobe – as I don’t want to bring alot of items, but rather bring home alot of goodies!

In any case, I would need to buy a netbook so I can still blog about the whole trip. I don’t want to share laptops with my friend since I would need to upload pictures, watermark, and publish – that’s a lot of work, and I may need an hour to do even just one post.

I have yet to decide if I should get my braces on before our trip. I am afraid I would not be able to enjoy all the good food, dimsum, dumplings and peking duck – so would just do that after we come back.

There you go, I have to get back to work. I am actually doing and trying to complete my Six Sigma (Yellow Belt) certification. I need to feel that I am contributing and still performing – I have to compete with myself..

I might write soon about Sweet Bella, Bacilio’s and Dolci Bar. So please don’t be mad if I flood your walls and inboxes with blog entries!

By the way, someone just tagged me – my picture was on Phil Star! It was taken during the launch of Freeway’s NACS featuring F.Sionil. It is not my best picture, but hey, that gives a good laugh at the start of my shift!

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