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Unsuccessful Paypal Fund Withdrawal through Banco De Oro (BDO)

June 24, 2011

Are you the type who separates your online income from your regular work pay? I do. I want to separate my savings, extra income, dollars and bonuses. Ideally, I want them in separate bank accounts. So anyway, last June 4th, I requested and withdraw some funds from Paypal to my BDO savings account because I wanted to use some of the funds I earned online.

I was thinking if I should withdraw them using my Unionbank EON account (where I want my online income to be kept), but the processing fee is Php250, so I thought I would just withdraw using my BDO account (processing fee of Php200).
Three of my bank accounts had been added in my Paypal account. So I thought I would get the money reflected in my BDO account on the fourth day. On the fifth day, I am still not seeing the figures when I checked it online. I got too frustrated about the whole process, because Paypal processed the withdrawal of $200 twice! I don’t know if it is just a system error, or my mouse error that I had clicked the request twice.  Paypal should add captcha on the site when users process requests. So my worry then was I would be charged Php250 for each transaction. Argh.
Conversion to Philippine Peso
So come 6th day, I still didn’t have the money. I waited until the 7th day to contact Paypal, as it is noted in the  Paypal Help Page that I have to wait until 5 to 7 business days before I get intouch with them. Before contacting Paypal, I have called the BDO contact center and inquire about the status of my withdrawal.
So I was able to talk to a female support. I can tell that she is not aware about the whole withdrawal process.  She was asking irrelevant questions – Is it from Odesk? I already told her it is Paypal withdrawal. Does it matter if it is from Odesk? or from a foreigner who paid me for doing a live show on webcam. It doesn’t matter. All I want is my money deposited in my account. She told me that she can’t see any requests yet and remittances. She asked me to call the branch of deposit to inquire. So I asked her if the bank has the authority to cancel requests for withdrawal? She said yes. For what reasons? She cannot tell me. So I asked her if this concern is a call-driver? She said this is the first time she encountered this – and even told me, she had once withdrew funds and was able to get it after three days. I am not convinced.
I sent a note to Paypal, and once again, they sent me back to BDO advising that there was an error in the bank account details. I remember, BDO has changed/added two digits to depositors’ accounts, and I was not able to update my record in Paypal. My fault!
So my concern is, where is my money?! I asked Paypal to cancel the fund transfer, but I was advised that they cannot do that, unless the bank rejects the request. They said I have to wait for 14 business days. If the fund is still not returned, I should contact Paypal and make an investigation to search for the fund. I was pissed with that response. The Help Page says to contact them after 7 business days, now they are giving me 14 business days. What would happen after that? They would tell me to wait for 30 business days?
I am paranoid, but I still have faith with Paypal. They even tried to contact me through my landline, but I was not able to talk to the support.
So anyway, two days ago, I got an email in my inbox informing me that my withdrawal request has been rejected. Thank God! I got my money back! I logged in to my Paypal account to confirm my money is there – so they charged me $4 for the failed transaction. It is good than losing $400 in the cyberspace.
I might just withdraw my fund through Unionbank EON card. Lessons?
  • Always check and verify your account number especially when doing transaction online.
  • Double check your account number.
  • Update your details if there are changes in your account/bank info.
  • Pray. 
Has your withdrawal been successful?

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