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Cheer for the Azkals and Take the Pain Away!

July 27, 2011

Our Azkals need a little cheering, you think so too? Maybe the girls’ screams and guys high fives are not yet enough for the team. They need a little more, loud cheering. Today is Azkals last chance so twit away, post a status message (and share it with everyone), and pray for the win!

Your cheers may also let you win exciting goodies from Azkals and Cortal SQR. see this related post I published weeks ago.

Speaking of Cortal SQR, I got this package last month and totally misplaced it. It is just perfect timing that I saw the package from all the loads of stuff I got in my room.

Little by little, I am preparing my stuff that I need to bring for my out of the country trip. One of the things I bring during trips is a medicine pack – since this trip would require long walks and never ending walks – I would expect muscle pain and tired feet and legs. The press release says that Cortal SQR has a new advanced formula that combines Ibuprofen and Paracetamol that gives relief in 15 minutes. The high absorption rate is 90% – and although I don’t know much about chemistry or bio-chemistry, I can say that that figure is high (comparable to a school rated average).

Cortal SQR was chosen as the Official Pain Reliever of the Azkals, the Philippine National Football Team. So cheer for the Cortal SQR and Azkals – biggest disappointments and regrets cannot be relieved by Cortal. 😉

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