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Great Buys of the Week: Shoes from Payless

July 27, 2011

I just wanted to share my Great Buy of the Week before I go to bed. Remember that last weekend I went out to watch movie with mom? On our way to the cinema, we passed by the Payless Shoe Store and it is as if there is a sort of enchantment, I was invited inside – and I left with a plastic bag from the store.

Shoes like wedges are on sale at around Php800, flats as low as Php500 and I got this nice slip on shoes for only Php390.
I have to buy it since I need a slip on in this color – brown/bronze side. Of course I wouldn’t leave without buying anything for mom. She got this nice pair of flats for only Php600. 
I was thinking of buying a “walking” shoes too, and hoarding some flats. But I thought, I may not use all of them, they would just eat up a space in my room. 
Good sale, good shoes, almost perfect except for the service. Well, the guy who assisted me was very accommodating, he even fell inline for me at the cashier – waiting there with my shoes, and leaving only after my purchases has been punched. But another attendant said the girl behind me should be assisted first – so the  cashier suspended my bill, and settled the of the next girl’s. I was being impatient, especially there was a movie waiting for us. I just went back to the guy who assisted me and asked about the First In, First Out policy, he just apologized. The manager who was at the cashier’s area was just busy packing purchases. I just asked for the area manager’s name, and I would just send a feedback. I don’t ask to be treated like a queen, but customers should be treated right, and people should value and respect other people’s time. 
Til my next great buy!

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