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Great Buys of the Week: Sling Bag from Betseyville (Betsey Johnson)

July 11, 2011

It’s been a while since the last time I shared my Great Buy of the Week, but that doesn’t mean I had stopped shopping. I got tons of purchases from the past months – some are still packed in the couriers’ packages and other still in the original paper bags.

Anyway, here’s the latest item I had bought online. It is a sling bag from Betseyville (a line of Betsey Johnson) which I got for only Php1,800 (plus Php100 shipping) from an online store in Ebay (store idle_bone). The Ebay store sells original imported items from US at a discounted price. I refer to it as a store because most of her products has a Buy Now option which doesn’t require you to bid and purchase the item immediately.

I love this bag because I need a replacement for my sling bag in preparation for our trip in China come August. I always carry a sling bag for so many reasons – first, I want my stuff – money, passport, and everything close to my body; second, I don’t want to strain my shoulders and back carrying a shoulder bag or backpack; third, I want to move around and explore places like I were not carrying a bag at all.

So I bought this item because I thought it is a good buy (and a great buy indeed!). It has an adjustable strap, and the design has a spunk in it. Plus, I can wear it with silver accessories or gold accessories. It is also spacious and has zipped compartment inside, and compartments for mobile phone.

I usually pay through GCash when I am buying stuff online; HOWEVER, if the amount is more than Php1,000 I make sure I pay through bank deposit so that I would have documentation from the bank regarding my payment, and so I can validate if the seller is not a scammer.

My mom has been used to getting deliveries from Xend, JRS Express, 2Go and LBC, and she was quite surprised that there has not been any deliveries recently. I am just so busy with work and so many other things that I do not have time to visit online shops and even group buying sites.

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