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Laser Tag Game: Playing Like a Kid with Kids

July 21, 2011

When a group buying site offered a discounted price for the Laser Tag Game, I sent an announcement to my team so we can all buy and play. We were all excited about it. I bought 23 vouchers for 2 Laser Tag Games (plus two glasses of iced tea). However, due to deadlines, corporate audit, process updates, client visits and personal gigs, the date was moved and later have been moved until we reached the last weekend before the expiration date. So last July 9th, despite traffic and rainy morning, I had confirmed the date for the Laser Tag Game. Out of 23, only 4 of us showed up. But it was not a failed event.

Tarps hanging all over!

Our vouchers were only valid in Market! Market! in Taguig. I had already prepared the vouchers and authorization letters so it would be easy to process the redemption. We were lucky birds. There were only a group of 3 kids that morning – the mom then asked us if we could play against the kids. We were game! The very reason we want to try the Laser Tag Game is to feel like kids once again, and we would then play with kids (and not just kids at heart!).

Market! Market!

We rented a locker where we could keep our stuff (deposit of Php200), then off we entered the space-ship like tube where we had our orientation.

Our dear opponents

 Now, we have to choose the color for the team – same team, same color. The opponents chose Blue, and we chose Pink (so girly!). We wore the black vests which has trigger spots at shoulders, back and chest area. You would be given a codename, based on the weapon that you chose – just pull the trigger lightly to show the name – I was Domino that morning.

Yes, it was meant to be like that..

When we entered the maze which signals the start of the game, I was so excited! I first explored the maze – all black with neon lights – it is as if I am inside the typical Takeshi’s Castle maze. But don’t forget that you have opponents aiming their targets on you and when you were hit, you would feel your vest vibrating. The trigger spots would then be deactivated for a few seconds – so you would not be able to shoot and “be killed” right then and there.

I should say, the kids were really good. They have a game plan while we were being competitive too – covering our body, aiming those guns and firing them laser green lights. I screamed and screamed louder whenever I get “captured” – meaning two kids ruthlessly firing their laser lights on me.

After the first game, I was sweating. They showed our scores, and we were only given 5 minutes to rest then back to the battle field.

On the second game though, one of the kids’ laser gun malfunctioned. I was too tired to even question about that but I hope they would fix that soon.

After the game, we were treated with the free iced tea (how refreshing!) and we were handed with our score card. I didn’t score that high BUT my friend knew the trick on how to get higher scores. I wouldn’t tell you so you would find out for yourself and for you to better enjoy the game. Let’s be fair. 😉

Score Card

I love the experience and the thrill of hitting your opponents! It is a good activity for team building (I have read they have a promo!), or just plain barkada bonding.

A lesson on group-buying site, only buy if you intend to use it. We lost 19 vouchers (and we were not able to sell it or use it before the July 15th deadline). If you have already bought it, find time to use it. Group buying sites aim to give consumers discount, and not waste money (which reminds me, I have expiring voucher next month).

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