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Late Post (than Never Shared): Kobe Bryant in Manila 2011

July 15, 2011

I am sooo glad it’s weekend! I wanted to just stay home and sleep – but we have a performance (India Night) to attend tonight at Dusit Hotel. Plus, I don’t want to come to work on Monday without any opinion to share about Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows movie, so I have to watch that movie this weekend.

I am so busy with work that I don’t even have time to upload pictures and update my blog; add the fact that I always commute to and from the office, and all I want is my bed as soon as I get home. I don’t want to talk about work this time – I have already closed my inbox and closed all the applications. Let me just share with you what happened last Wednesday.

I only get to realize he’s such a cutie.. 😉

As you know, and might have seen in the news, Kobe Bryant visited Manila last July 13th. We got an invite from our dear friends from Ogilvy, but since I came 45 minutes late (thanks to rush-hour traffic), we lost our precious seats in the Big Dome! My friend made it on time, and he was updating me with what was happening outside the venue – long lines, strict security and impatient fans.

When we got inside the Big Dome, I know it is impossible to take better pictures, so I just took a video of the game.

It is such a good promotion for FEU – since Kobe forgotten to bring jersey for the game, and it was FEU team which brought an extra – Kobe played with the yellow FEU jersey.

Full house!

 During the practice shooting, Kobe didn’t miss a ring – and imagine how the crowd went wild when he joined the UAAP team. Too bad, UAAP lose it – maybe the UAAP players got nervous playing and passing ball with Kobe (?!). I was telling my friend that Smart Gilas could have been a little “nicer” and “gentle” to the game by at least giving it to Kobe and letting him dunk the ball, do fastbreaks and exhibitions – I just thought they became too competitive – I was expecting the story would end with “Kobe saved the game!“.

The UAAP and Smart Gilas’ players watched  the ball with amazement.

 On the second thought, maybe Kobe was also playing it cool and just letting the Philippine Team (Smart Gilas or UAAP) do their thing, and let them shine in the court.

Everyone wants a picture on that backdraft

 After the game, which only lasted for an hour, people poured out of the Big Dome – most of them guys and basketball fanatics – alot were wearing Lakers shirt, and everyone wants to have a picture in that backdraft with Kobe – I have a pic in the same spot too!

How’s your “Black Mamba” experience?!

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