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My Things To-Do and Thoughts on Temptation Island (Movie Remake)

July 24, 2011

Waaahhh.. I got ten thousand things to do and I cannot believe the weekend is ending soon. I woke up late today and I felt that I lose half of the day. I spent the night with the people in the office (org-mates), and we really had a great night. So today, I decided to spend the day with mom (and say No to two of my friends who are currently enjoying coffee and trying to connect online).

Let me just list down the things I need to do:

1. Need to go to my dentist – I have already paid down payment for my braces two months ago, but I would just get those brackets once I am back from vacation. I would like to enjoy the whole trip and food trip.

2. Diamond Peel schedule – I was supposed to swing by the clinic, but we were running late for the movie, so I have to do it next week.

3. Deposit Philhealth cheque – the cheque arrived last month (this was for my mom’s hospitalization) and I just cannot find time to go to the bank and deposit it. I do transactions online, so going to the bank is such a pain for me. Need to do it as soon as possible.

4. Blog, blog, blog – the things that I wanted to share. We discovered a cafe last month, and I have some really Great Buys I wanted to share.

5. Buy a netbook – I still don’t know what to buy and I am not even familiar with the specs. I am glad I have a blogger friend who gave me tips on what to look for in a netbook. I need to buy before my trip.

6. Plan my wardrobe – My goal is really to travel light this time since I want to bring back a lot of goods after the trip. The sad part is that my first day of menstruation would fall on the day of our departure (my cycle has changed a few months back! Grrr..). So I really need to take note of what to wear and how many undies to bring.

7. See an OB-Gyne – I am still obsessed and I am thinking (and praying) there is a pill which I can take to “irregulate” my menstruation, so I would have the red days next week. But my friend asked me if I really want to mess with my cycle.. uhmm.. honestly No. So I just have to accept the fact and prepare my clothes for a “messy” trip. But I would still find time to ask an expert. Hehe.

8. Upload pictures and share – I got tons of pictures I need to upload and share. I want this task done as soon as possible because I am expecting thousands of pictures next week and the following week.

9. Water Spa  – I have a voucher expiring this month, and I really want to relax first before we go on a trip.

10. Radio-active Slimming thing – I got 4 vouchers expiring next month and I need to use them! They say I don’t need it, but I just have to use them just to say I got my money’s worth.

11. Pay Credit Card Bills – I have to do it asap – last month I missed the due dates for all cards that I own. I was just so lucky they didn’t charge me anything. I paid the day after my due date.

12. Hair Rebond – well actually I need to decide first if I want to get a DigiPerm (not sure if I would look good in curls), but my hair has grown, and I want the wash-and-wear convenience that I was enjoying some few months ago.

13. Finish the Six Sigma Certification – I don’t think I can do this within the week, but I’ll just change that to Review the Six Sigma Module so I would be prepared for the two and a half hour online examination.

14. Help a friend gather blogger friends for an event – I need to give her the list by Monday and I need bloggers’ confirmation by end of the week.

15. I need to use my voucher – I don’t think it has expiration date, but I need to use it ASAP so I could make a review. I am thinking of buying another bracelet and a dress, but to make it more beneficial for me, I might as well buy extra battery for my camera.

16. Search for that Bohemian skirt I saw in the mall two months ago – it was gone when I went back! I want to kill myself for not buying it! My mom said it was not so nice – but I wanted it! It is the type of tiered skirt which has different layers of cloth – printed, plain, lace, etc.. and there is even one with Egyptian print! I so love Egypt!

The most important thing I need to accomplish is to book a hotel in Beijing. But my friends have already booked (thanks to Wifi!). I think we got a good deal. It was a quick decision  – we thought we were already set for the trip, but some changes and decisions, we have to cancel the one that we have reserved in Sommerset Hotel (we have to pay for the cancellation fee which is equivalent to 1 night stay = Php10,000). So now we would be staying in Holiday Inn Express Temple of Heaven. I am praying the stay would be peaceful and safe in heaven.

I wish there were more than 24 hours in a day. I want to sleep some more, and read a book (I got tons I want to read), and watch movies online! I haven’t even watched Harry Potter 7 yet! I decided to watch Temptation Island instead since my mom wanted to see it since it was first shown. We passed by Divisoria on our way to SM Manila, and the place is so crowded!! I live near the area, but I rarely go there and I hate going there. When my friend used to drop me off my home, he would say Divisoria is like hell. I kind of feel offended then (maybe because I felt that he hated driving me home?), but now I understand what he meant – traffic, crowded, and the place is like a big wet market! Anyway, so we went to SM Manila to watch a movie but we went home with new shoes too! Hehe (I would be writing a different post regarding that!).

So… my thoughts about Temptation Island [Spoilers Ahead]

  • I really love Solenn – she’s so pretty with class, and she has the most gorgeous body! She can act and I love the way she acts more than Marianne. 
  • Lovi Poe has such a flat stomach (she doesn’t even have it!), but she doesn’t have waistline/curves. That curve we call “lantik“. To be fair, she portrayed the role very well. I love to hate her in the movie, and I love her sexy voice!
  • Marianne Rivera – I am not really a fan. But just to say something good about her, she is good at portraying those kinds of role. 
  • Heart Evangelista still looks like a teenager for me. 
  • Ruffa Mae Quinto never failed to make me laugh in this movie!
  • I think there was an editing error in the movie – during the part when the owner of Manila Sunshine was called, she was seen on stage, and next slide, she was seen sitting again with Sweet, then next slide – on stage.  An oversight!
  • My mom and I were both surprised to see Marianne Rivera’s back. It looks so manly! (during the scene when she was seducing that waiter, and she took off her gown). I wish I could take a picture, but I we were really surprised. 
  • I looove how they incorporated some scenes and lines from the first Temptation Island movie to this new movie. 
  • The casting is just perfect, including that for Sweet and Ruffa Mae!
  • This is one movie you should watch if I want to distress and have a good time.
  • BUT I have to remind you, this movie is not just about beauty pageant and glam events and Temptation Island, but more on survival! Enjoy!
 I need to rest and would read a book OR watch a movie OR online window-shop! Tomorrow is another day..

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