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The New Proactiv Gives You Katy Perry and the Smurfs (Movie)

July 8, 2011

Katy Perry is not polite. “I am not polite. I am proactiv”. That is printed in the new campaign material for Proactiv. The favorite singer is the newest endorser of the all-new Proactiv Solution.

It is somewhat comforting to know that even celebrities, despite the glamour on stage also worries about acne, Katy Perry included (and she is joining forces with Mandy Moore, Avril Lavigne and Justin Bieber). I personally know the struggles of dealing with acne. I don’t know if I should blame the stress, my lifestyle, my genes or the junk food that I am eating, but one thing is for sure, it is not because of lack of sleep due to world tours and road shows – those are actually the reasons why Katy Perry has started getting acne.

Thank God for Proactiv! I may have mentioned in my previous posts how Proactiv saved my life and my face especially those times when I was in school and was a fresh graduate looking for a job. In my line of work that I meet people, it is not just important to have good communication skills, but also presentable looks. And my definition of presentable includes managed state of acne. Now, I don’t have such severe case of acne. Sometimes, I would like to think I am just getting old that I don’t get much acne at this age, or maybe it is really Proactiv Solution doing wonders on my skin.

The new Proactiv is available in Watsons branches and SM Department Stores. Yes, no need to order online abroad.

People might complain that Proactiv is a little too strong for their skin (with 3 fighting agents as main ingredients Proactiv means business in dealing with acne). So now, Proactiv Solution launched the all-new Faster and Gentler Proactiv. It has crystal benzoyl peroxide that is absorbed quickly (even to clogged pores) to kill the acne causing bacteria.

The best part is that Proactiv is giving away Free Movie tickets for the Smurfs the Movie featuring Katy Perry. Just buy a 30-day or 60-day Proactiv Set from the following stores:

SM Department Store Megamall
SM Department Store Makati
SM Department Store North Edsa
Watsons Megamall (Second Floor)
Watsons Mall of Asia (Ground Floor near Starbucks)

I am not hopeful I would get free tickets or invites for the screening of Smurfs the Movie, so I need to run to SM Cubao and buy myself a set as the free tickets are only available for the first 18 buyers from each location. The promo is from July 20 to August 10, 2011 only. 

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