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When the World Around You is Grieving

July 19, 2011

My small world is grieving. In less than a week, I have heard of 5 deaths and loses from the people closest to me. Yesterday was my uncle’s interment. It was a sad scene to look at a grieving family. My cousins – one who lives abroad and the other lives in the Southern part of the country flew to Manila to spend the last few days with my uncle. This made me more firm about my decision to stay here in Manila and be with my parents rather than work abroad – no matter how promising the future may be in another country. What matters to me more than anything else is the present – and that is, spending as much time with my family, as possible. What is more painful is that we only get to see the whole family – cousins and relatives, only at this depressing time.

Days before my uncle died, I have seen a Facebook update from a co-worker grieving over the loss of his grandfather. I hate to say (or even type) condolences, but I’d rather say it than be the receiving end.

Friday morning, one of closest friends at the office filed a time-off as her grandfather also passed away.

Yesterday, one of my best friends in College celebrated her birthday with her family, but without her dad. I just wished her a blessed and peaceful birthday.

When we got home from the interment, we were shocked with the news that one of our neighbors’ dad also passed away.

I know it is a sad, depressing blog entry. I don’t mean to make anyone cry. I just want to share some realizations. I remember a quote which goes, if you love someone, say it, say it loud; or the moment just passes you by. Just like grabbing the chance and the opportunity, and spending more time with the people that matters to you the most. Enjoying life and simple laughs. Let’s not waste our time over little worries.

My mom always feels irritated whenever I take alot of pictures, but I always tell her the moment may not happen again. So yeah, be a total camwhore and take a lot of pictures – with your loved ones.

Tell your family and friends how much you appreciate them, and love them. Maybe a simple click on the like link on a Facebook status, wall post or picture would make a big difference. There are just so many ways to communicate. We no longer need a messenger and telegram to let people know we think about them and we want to get intouch with them.

Before my uncle died, my mom had been wanting to visit him at their house to share the usual siblings talk, but she always said that he might be busy to accommodate her. I hate to be the one to remind her that she lose the chance. Forever.

I am sure you have gotten the message and take away the lesson. Now, let’s live again in the present.

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