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6 Blogs to Visit: Happy Blog Day!

August 31, 2011

They say August 31st is a Blog Day! So instead of talking about myself, my experiences and frustrations, or my Great Buys (I have one for this week!), or my new food discovery or event coverage, I would blog about other blogs that I read and follow – and some are not the most popular blogs (just yet), but they deserve a space in my humble blog.

I felt that these blogs are just so precious like a secret ingredient in a recipe, or a trade secret that I don’t want to share. But hey, they are inspiring and fun to read, and I want my readers to know them first through my blog (hopefully).

1. Meet the mom which finds Undomesticated Happiness in baking and cooking! She is a successful career woman who holds a significant position in one of the biggest multi-national companies. She is a true definition of work-life-mommy balance. She is fairly new in blogging but I am impressed with how she presents each recipe, taking pictures of each step which gives recipe authors a run for their money. The best part of each post, the Pawis (Sweat) Rating which gives how hard or easy the recipe is. She deserve the first spot, and I am not hoping for a good employee evaluation when I said that (yes, she is one of the big bosses in my organization).

2. The Babaero Moves again. I nominated him as one of the Most Influential Bloggers in 2010. After a year, he is still the same babaero who gives us idea on what is running behind a man’s mind – b(0)(0)bs, how to get a woman sleep with you, how to look suave and everything and anything about being macho and babaero. He is not pretentious, but his posts are simply hilarious. Girls, I hope you won’t get offended when you visit his site. 😉

I am sure this guy is a real babaero.. you see, even I was not spared..

3. The Plum Pinay (or should I say Pinays – managed by Danah and Stacy) is not just a fashion and lifestyle blog but a blog with a cause – it promotes love for your body no matter what your shape is. Vavavoom or plum. It doesn’t matter. I may be blessed with a slim body but I am still a follower of this site who is breaking the definition of sexy as set by media. I got the chance to meet Danah in the Yahoo! OMG Awards and I can say that she is really a sexy woman who has sense and style. Visit their blog and fall inlove with these two ladies who love to hit the beach and have fun. Have I mentioned they love posting their pictures in swimsuits?!

4. Tanggera made a buzz in the social media some months ago. Not that she posted a drunk picture of her. But because she bravely posted her thoughts about issue on “blogging with integrity” that her post got re-tweeted and reposted several times in Facebook, and her post suddenly flooded with comments (and standing ovation? maybe!). This blogger has balls! She made it the Globe Tatt Awards as a Ballbreaker Nominee. I love how she unbashedly shares her opinions and thoughts – and refusing to conform with the blogging trends.

5. I am sure you know Boy-Kuripot. I always visit the site to check on new contests and deals online. Boy Kuripot has a partner – meet Girl Kuripot. She talks about travels, good deals, free events and anything free, discounts and tips on how one can save and get the best deals. She is not kuripot (thrifty) when it comes to sharing good deals and tips. I love her! I got to meet the girl behind the site and she is one lovely lady that I thought Girl Kuripot doesn’t just match the look and style.

6. If I need to go to a place for an event, I always find myself consulting Directions on Web to know the easiest and fastest way to get to the venue. I just thought this blog is pure made out of pure passion and public service commitment. I haven’t met the man/woman behind this blog, but I admire how he/she describes and write directions (in detail) to help commuters like me get around Metro Manila. What I love is that the blog entries give options on what type of transportation can be taken with different routes. I would give two thumbs up, a salute and curtsey to the blogger behind this blogspot.

You see, my recommendations are mix of different niches to give you a buffet of good blogs in celebration of the Blogging Day. I hope you had fun visiting the few blogs I (try) to visit when I am not blogging. Do you also have blogs or follow blogs that you find interesting? Share them by commenting below.

Happy Blogging (and Blog-hopping) Day!

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