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Ang Babae Sa Septic Tank, Paris Hilton in Manila and Other Thoughts Before Bedtime

August 14, 2011

Before I hit the bed (and probably watch movie online), I just felt the need to blog! I am two hours behind my schedule (yes, I made a schedule for today’s to-do list). Picassa crashed down and I couldn’t finish putting watermarks in my pictures. So I had to uninstall and re-install it. Twice. So thank God, I am done doing the watermarks and would just upload the pictures in Facebook tomorrow.

Sharing this pic taken inside one of the temples in China – simply majestic!

It was a long day yesterday, but I am glad I was able to accomplish some things (like pay my credit card bills and finally bought a hair blower – such an accomplishment!).  I also bought an acid-free photo album so I can store my pictures (the most precious ones – my pictures with Mickey and Minnie in Disneyland, and the most recent ones taken in China in which I look like an empress. Hehe). Also I bought some nice plastic envelopes with hot pink trimmings where I kept my travel memorabilia (receipts, tickets, etc) – so that’s one envelope per country. Planning to do my travel journal soon. I really want to organize my stuff and my room and that is the first step.

Since Sunday is family day – well, actually mom’s day, we watched Ang Babae Sa Septic Tank and it was so funny and witty. Love that it appears like you were watching two movies. It shows the realities of life – from the hardship of doing a movie, casting the perfect artists to give life to the roles, to fighting for what you believe in, and making choices. Bottom line, it is all about survival. What interests me the most are the actors. I have to memorize the names of the guys who played the role of Director and Producer. So Kean Cipriano and JM De Guzman – they are both hotties and cuticles (the term we call the cuties!).

Anyway, so back at home, I have totally forgotten about the movie when I came across the name Kean Cipriano from a video shared by a friend in Facebook. Kean Cipriano is actually the lead of Callalily (I am stuck with 90s rock bands, I never know him!). I am impressed. The singer can act.

Speaking of singer and celebrities, Paris Hilton in is Manila. Are you aware? I was surprised to see the tweet two hours ago:

Mabuhay Philippines! I just arrived, thousands of fans waiting at the airport when I walked in. I feel so welcomed here! Mahal ko kayo! 🙂

Here is the picture I have gotten as tweeted by @KatDeCastro:

Oopppss… She was bra-less.. But if that makes her comfortable, I would understand. A few times I had attended events and even traveled less the support and I am fine (but I always wear my nippies). That’s the Paris Hilton trademark, and people love her just the same! Welcome and Mabuhay!

Now I need to go to sleep and would just catch news tomorrow morning.

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