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Consult Traffic Navigator for Traffic Situation!

August 28, 2011

I was invited to the event in Resorts World last Monday and the bad weather got me worried on how I could get to the venue. My only means of transportation going to the area is taxi, but by experience, it would take 2 hours travel time from my place. So I have to check the Traffic Navigator to see how bad the traffic situation is (as expected). I saw in the site that the roads are marked red. It would look like a parking lot with impatient drivers inside their cars – heavy traffic! So plan B is to take the LRT and take a cab in the nearest LRT station going to Resorts World. They say I always make a scene wherever I go, and it is indeed a scene to be smashed inside the train in my skimpy minidress. Anyway, I made it on time for the registration and travel time is 1 hour. Had it not for the MMDA Traffic Navigator, I might have been stuck in the traffic together with the others who don’t know Traffic Navigator yet.

The MMDA Traffic Navigator was launched last August 1st in the EDSA Shangri-la Hotel by TV5 and Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA). I know this write-up and feature is sooo late – blame the one-week vacation and my sudden lost of interest fro blogging; but here I am featuring the new system because I find it helpful not just for drivers, but for commuters too.

Event was hosted by Paolo Bediones and Cherry Mercado

The Traffic Navigator is country’s first digitized traffic info system. At least we don’t need to listen to the AM radio just to check the traffic situation. The site which can be accessed through, or shows the traffic situation in the Metro Manila in three views – system view, line view or Google map. Heavy traffic and congested areas would be marked red, those with moderate traffic are marked with yellow and smooth and free are marked with green. The traffic situation is refreshed and updated every 15 minutes.

Sir Carlo Ople showed us how to use the iPad and iPhone in accessing the Traffic Navigator

The Traffic Navigator is accessible using pc or mobile browser and is compatible with any operating system – Wintel computers, Macs, Liinux machines, iPhones, iPads, Android phones, Windows Mobile, Opera and any browser already installed on mobile gadgets (wow, I feel like a techie blogger typing those terms!).

Although there are only few roads, and only major roads covered by the Traffic Navigator, I am hopeful that it would be developed and improved in the coming months. The major roads are EDSA, C5, Quezon Avenue, Espana, Roxas Blvd, and South Luzon Expressway which are viewable via line view, or on Google Maps. I love how they set up and plotted the roads. Reminds me other countries’ subway maps.

The best part of the launch was the raffle! The Law of Attraction once again worked. I knew it, even if the chance was too small. When I got the invite and it was printed that they would be raffling off prizes and iPad2, I got nervous. On my way to the event, I was worried because I was out of business cards and I had nothing to put in the fish bowl (which organizers usually use in the raffle). When I got to the venue, I even told one of the bloggers who always win in the raffles that I was hoping this time he would give chance to others. The whole duration of the event, I kept on texting my friend who I would meet after the event. I kept on texting him that I would wait for the raffle because I might just win something.

Then came the electronic raffle (thank God no business cards!). I can somehow see my name on the shuffling names and the first stop gave a name but didn’t give any reaction from the audience. They said the person already left, then came another name who also left the event earlier. Then just like Harry Potter waving his hand and pointing to the projector, my name appeared! Wooohoo! I won a Dell Streak!

It is always nice to remember that night. It’s the best Monday of the year. Happy Times!

Don’t forget to check out for traffic updates! It it worth adding in my favorites or making this the default browser.

See more events pictures here.

Have you used and consulted the MMDA Traffic Navigator for traffic situation?

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