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Electroworld Refused to Do Business With Me and My Credit Card!!!!

August 28, 2011

I am fuming mad!!! I was supposed to be blogging using a new netbook – an Acer Aspire One with nice specs (as I have consulted with and approved by Mhel of Certified Foodies). I thought it is a good buy. I have been planning to buy a netbook and thought I need a new gadget to bring back my drive for blogging (it may not be obvious, but I was too lazy to blog recently). I was so excited, that I even agreed to extend its warranty to 3 years. Plus, I was even planning of buying a WIFI router so I would be connected anywhere I am in the house. I thought I would be blogging, and blogging and blogging as soon as I get home but after the netbook has been set up, and I have given my details, the cashier refused to process my order because I only got 1 ID to present – a company ID.

I told them I don’t have my passport with me (why would I bring my passport in the mall?!), and I don’t bring my SSS ID because it is a pain to lose it. I only bring my company ID for identification, and I told them I can show them a scanned copy of my passport and SSS ID online, but they said they want the original.  I told them I owned the card and even showed my other credit cards. So I asked what would happen now? They cannot proceed. Fine. Told them I would just buy from SM Appliance Center (but they don’t have that model! Argh.) I was thinking of just paying it in cash (a good Php19,900 plus Php5,900 additional for the extended warranty but I am thinking that I could make use of the points that I would earn from my card, and I want to take advantage of 0% interest offer).

That policy just doesn’t work. I mean, can’t they just break the rule if all they wanted is to verify the true owner of the card?

I just went to my dentist and spent 2.5 hours on the chair – never mind the tools and drills that my dentist was putting in my mouth.

After my dentist appointment, I went back to Electroworld to challenge their policy. I told the sales guy that my passport and SSS ID are actually in an agency because they are processing my Korean Visa. I asked him what other documents I can provide? He said that it is per store policy that they require two valid IDs for credit card transaction. I was thinking of showing them my statement of account online for that card just to prove that I am the owner of the card, but it seems like they are not after of knowing and validating the card owner; but they just want to follow a ridiculous policy.

I had come to the conclusion that you only need credit card and two “valid” IDs to transact with credit card. Say I am a crook and I have a credit card which I had stolen from someone, I could conveniently go to Recto (the place where you can secure government IDs in one place!) and secure SSS and TIN ID (that’s two valid ID’s now!). Would it mean I could shop around the Metro with the stolen credit card and two fake IDs? Probably yes. By experience, cashiers don’t even check the authenticity of the IDs, and some doesn’t even check my signature. I doubt if the Electroworld sales team know how to spot a fake SSS ID, or even spot a fake credit card (well I do!) – but that is what they are requiring to their customers.

I was willing to show them proofs that I am the owner of the card, but all they wanted were IDs.. because that is in the stupid policy! The sales lady who assisted me even showed me the handwritten policy displayed in the counter. I was thinking of bringing fake SSS ID and passport tomorrow just to humor them.

I can’t believe they let a customer go and lose a business because I cannot present another ID. My mom told me to bring all my documents tomorrow but I am thinking of buying from another store instead. I just cannot believe they cannot make an exception to think that the netbook has been set up and all.

Lesson learned, always bring two IDs (company ID and Voter’s ID would do for me – I am still keeping that SSS ID at home!). I only bring my company ID for identification in case of emergencies, and of course so I could get in the office but now it does make sense to bring another ID (with a nice pic) so that if there is a need to flash your face in the TV and they would use your ID, the nation would see your most gorgeous self (*knock on wood!).

I know it is a big mistake for me not to bring another ID.. go ahead and comment and preach! I just want to make a point, but I know my mistake. Hmp.

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