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Great Buys of the Week: Sale Items from H&M (Beijing)

August 23, 2011

Some few weeks ago I felt tired of blogging and social media that I couldn’t even start to blog about my favorite things and most exciting experiences I had. I didn’t blog for a few days and even felt too lazy to attend events. My routine last week is go to work, work and work, sleep during lunch break, work and work, then go straight home and sleep some more. Thank you to my blogger friends for encouraging me, and giving me tips how to get the passion back and for making me feel human.

Now I am back to blogging! What I wanted to share.. my shopping finds from H&M in Beijing. We visited two H&M stores and I was just so lucky because they were both holding sale event. Now what I had bagged?

Wondering how much I paid for each item?!

 1. I always check the swim wear rack whenever I go to stores like H&M and Forever21. Bottoms at RMB10 (Php70!), original price is RMB99 and tops at RMB30 (Php210), original price of RMB149. Most on displays were broken sizes – as in small tops and big bottoms. I had to be patient to check and get the size that fits me. I was able to buy 2 bottoms and 3 tops of different designs.

90% OFF! I loooove!

Who cares? We can always mix and match! I was thinking of buying a lot to sell online, but it is hard to get good pairs so I just bought the ones that I can wear. 

Look at that cute design!

 My last count, I have 19 pairs of swim wear – used, unused, with tags, without tags. Plus three bottoms for mixing and matching. I am always ready for summer!

2. My friend wanted a flared denim, but there was none that fits her. Looks like it was my lucky day because I found a really nice fitting super flared pants at RMB150 (original price of RMB249). I just thought I would just try and fit it, and yeah, I look like a rockstar wearing it! That went into the shopping cart!

Say goodbye to skinnies!

3. My friend has the same scarf that she brought during the trip and I was also looking for a nice animal print scarf (which we thought is part of the closet basics). This one looks more of leaves, but I have to buy because I know it is not easy to look for a shop which sells cheap and nice printed scarves. I find it funny that I even asked for my friend’s approval that I am buying this same scarf (I am using it now!). This is not discounted though. Bought at RMB99.

4. While waiting at the cashier’s, I saw these nice loop earrings. I have been in the hunt for nice loop earrings which I think are basics in one’s accessories box (together with stud, pearl earrings, etc). They cost only RMB19 (equivalent to only PHp140!). So I bought one in gold and silver.
5. I almost forgot this lovely mini-dress I got for only RMB70! It’s original price is Php299! I just thought I can wear this for a special event, or even dinner date (if I want to feel girly..). 
I know it has revealing neckline 😉
I missed the Forever21 3-day sale in Makati, but that is just fine. Have you bought a nice deal recently?

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