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Mercato Centrale Delivers At Home!

August 12, 2011

Whenever I would call a food delivery hotline for new restaurants, the very first question I would ask is if they deliver within Manila. I live in a place where traffic and crowded best describe the place. I don’t have worries calling the usual fastfood deliveries with its 8888 and 9999 numbers as I know my pizza, chicken and burger would always come on time. So when I received an invitation to try out the new delivery service of Mercato Centrale, I got excited! – and one of the first questions I asked (with much worry) is if they would deliver in Manila.

I have been wanting to try out the Mercato Centrale Market, but since I live a jeepney-LRT-bus-and-another-bus away from the place (or Php300-worth cab fare), the goal has never been crossed out in my to-do list. I have been reading alot of good posts and pictures of the food they are offering in the Mercato Centrale, and would want to rave about it in my blog too. When I heard a positive response about my inquiry, I got excited and requested to have it delivered on a weekend before I went on vacation.

I have submitted my order a week before as I want to cooperate in the campaign and ensure smooth transaction.  I was advised that my order would be delivered between 2PM to 5PM on Saturday. I went straight from home after my work, and enjoyed a noon-time show, while I sipped cups of coffee – trying to stay awake, although I was in my pajamas (as if I am waiting for a suitor!).

Then, I heard someone calling from the outside. I opened the door and saw a delivery guy in not the usual uniform I see, but in orange and green jacket, and an orange themed motorcycle. He was smiling despite sweat on his face. The very first words he said, “ang layo pala ng house nyo, ma’am“. Just the same, I felt happy, City Delivery didn’t disappoint me. I asked what time he left the site. It was 2:40 and he arrived around 3:05PM.

He then handed me the press kit and the food.

I got two packs. The first one was in a microwaveable green container with the City Deliver sticker carefully sealed in a ziplock. Inside, the burger was wrapped in a foil –  I can feel that it was still warm. There is a City Delivery sticker on it. I can say the concept and presentation is simple. I felt that if ever I would be ordering from City Delivery, I know that my money would be well spent in the product and food itself and not with the packaging. When I opened the wrapper, I can smell the char-grilled burger. It is big for a regular serving. I took a bite and the flavor of cheese, patty and filling just mixed in my mouth – I can taste the true char-grilled meat. I shared it with my mom who was as curious as I was. I felt full finishing half of it. It was Big Bob’s Super Special & Wine and Cheese Steak Sandwich.

Then, it is time to taste the dessert. It was served in a carton with City Delivery sticker. I found out soon after it was actually an additional gift from the merchant. It is a cheesecake-Pinoy style. It is served with sort of grated coconut shreddings on top. When I took a slice and tasted, it is a fusion of a cheesecake and the typical Pinoy kakanin – but it is not salty-sweety type of cheesecake which is just perfect to cap the meal. Lucky me! The cheesecake is not actually part of the menu but I got to taste it!

But wait, there is more, before signing the delivery receipt, Mr City Delivery guy handed me a bottle of Pepsi. It is still cold despite traffic. I meant to offer him a glass but I know he was in the hurry to serve and deliver some more products.

Overall, I love the whole experience of tasting Mercato Centrale food at the comforts of my home. The press kit included a booklet which lists the merchants and their menu. It even includes some of my favorite restaurants which branches are mostly in Greenhills and the Fort. It addresses my issue of storing alot of leaflets and flyers from different restaurants that I keep and stack in my fridge for emergency delivery.

The booklet also includes delivery of items from the restaurants I want to try. The partner restaurants are listed below:

Bale Dutung
Manang’s Chicken
Chuck’s Grubberie
Big Bob’s Charcoal Grilled Burgers
Homemade Ravioli
Merry Moo  

If you want to try the City Delivery service, you can simply log in to (better add it on your bookmarks!) or add this number to your speed dial – 87878.

Please note though that you have to order in advance during weekends. Real-time ordering is between 9AM to 2PM. What is good is that you can order from different restaurants (but it would be considered as different transactions) – at least you wouldn’t need to dial different numbers and listen to classical music (or food chain jingle) while you are being put on hold.

It is comforting to know that I can now enjoy good food at home without the need for me to actually get dressed and battle traffic.

Thanks to Mercato Centrale and City Delivery for good food and good service! Gourmet food can now be enjoyed at home – there is more to food delivery not just pizza and chicken meals!

Please like the City Delivery Facebook Fanpage and Mercato Centrale Facebook Fanpage for more info.

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