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News, Companies and State of One’s Life

August 16, 2011

With so much issues surrounding the countries – like unemployment and poverty, it is good and comforting to know (and be reminded) that I have a job and I get my monthly salary (without any delay), enabling me to enjoy life from the simplest pleasure of having coffee at work to taking leaves and exploring cities on another part of the globe.

At times I want to scream and/or post a rant about how hard and brain-turning my task is, but I realized, people would kill to have my job. I have a supportive boss, a company which supports diversity and individuality, and an organization which promotes work-life balance. Recently, we even received stock options to celebrate the company’s anniversary, and I am not just talking about presidents, and vice president’s share, but ALL employees. What else can I ask for?

Sometimes, I just don’t want to turn on the TV just to watch news and see how poverty kills; but I just couldn’t afford to miss the news because I need to be aware of what’s happening in my country, and in the other parts of the world, and see what Paris Hilton was wearing when she landed in Manila? and if she would be having a courtesy call with PNoy and Pacquiao? or how a controversial actress stole the limelight with her revealing gown in the most recent Fashion Ball.

I am thinking if we have more venture capitalist firms in the country, would life be more lighter for the people, and would it bring more food on the table? I am not certain, if we should blame the company or the management, or the people, or the government, or the person itself with the quality of one’s life.

Anyway, just to share the good news, Kaya Natin! Movement recently launched a book, The Kaya Natin! Champions: Inspiring stories of Good Governance and Leadership in the Philippines”. Sometimes, all we need is a good news to keep our spirits high.

And high spirit I need to finish a task that I am expected to deliver – a little worry of the small fish in a big aquarium.

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