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No Facebook and Gmail Access

August 3, 2011

I am here in a beautiful place where temples are just stunning and grand, and I meant to share them with everyone but I don’t have access to social networking sites and even my mails. It looks like my accounts had been temporarily turned off because the sites recognized that I am accessing them from a different location. I feel so disconnected to the world, despite the fact that I am here, exploring cultures, people and other areas of the world. I miss reading updates, checking status updates, liking photos, and comments, and just seeing notifications even if those are just about tagged pictures of campaigns and new product uploads. I am posting this update to let people (who care about me) that I am sill alive despite aching feet and legs. And despite the fact that my hair treatment was a failure. My roaming request is not yet confirmed, and my worry is getting my signal during my departure day. Tomorrow is another day of exploration and shopping (I just bought really nice swim wear at Php70 each! (converted to peso) and a nice fitting jeans too! I have to end this post now as I we have early call time Tomorrow, I just have to share too that I just had the blandest Coffee Jelly Frapp! Going home is such a struggle too. Okay, I have to end this post. Just want to make up on the missed status updates. Hope everything is Kay back home. (I have a lot of pending posts and blogs I want to share.. I wish I were home so I can connect to the world, but somehow, it is also fun to be really on vacation mode. I hope my out of office notification is working in my work machine.

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