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Ruthilicious Loves DKNY Be Delicious Perfume

August 30, 2011

I feel naked without perfume. That’s a fact. I can leave home without money, but not without perfume. And although I wear perfume as if it is an underwear, I only stick with one scent – Kenzo. It is the scent my high school friends remember, the scent that my mom knows I wear, and the scent that stays in my S.O.’s bed – and yes he likes it.

I am just glad that it is one of the cheapest brands in the market -which most of the time is on sale. Like the time we went to Sephora in Beijing, it is at 40% off! Now my biggest worry is if the company decides to phase out the one scent I love. 

But I have a “spare tire” if that is what you call it. I “met” DKNY Be Delicious through an online contest, and I just fell inloved with the scent. The sample I got worked like a potion and imagine my surprise when I found out I won the Grand Prize of the DKNY Be Delicious Design a Bottle Blogging Contest (this was last March). 

I found out about it 2 months after the announcement of winner. I was actually following a different DKNY Fanpage, and I thought some other blogger had won the prize. The DKNY Philippines team was actually kind enough to send me an email reminder informing me that I won the blogging contest – a Php10,000 worth of DKNY fragrances. 

I never know that in the DKNY Philippines Fanpage, followers and fellow bloggers were already posting their congratulatory comments and likes.

I never wasted another day when I found out about the good news. Despite lack of sleep, I battled the traffic in Makati to claim the prize. 

The most exciting part, after the photo-op is the “unboxing” of the prize!
A Be Delicious Set, and 2 bottles of DKNY perfume!
What’s inside the Be Delicious Set? A bottle of Be Delicious perfume which is about the same size of a regular apple (no kidding!), a small bottle of the same scent (which I used for travelling), and 100 ml Be Delicious Lotion.
Do you want to know how the magic of the scent works? The lotion itself already works as a potion. When I used it in the office as a hand lotion, everyone who passed by my workstation would say I smell good (okay, I always smell good but they know that is not the usual scent I wear). Sometimes, I wonder if the Be Delicious scent can travel faster than the light because these people can smell the lotion even without invading my personal space (we only get to smell someone’s perfume if we get really really close, right?). If it is the natural scent of the apple, or Eve’s mysterious blessing, or just simply DKNY’s secret ingredient, or a combination of three, I would still give it a *clap! *clap! *clap! It does beat the fruity and floral lotion collection of one the most popular retail brands with those sexy models in yummy undies.
The bottle is shaped like an apple, I want to bite it!
Most of the winners, be it in Olympics, or singing contests, or even inter-barangay sports fests would say – what they achieved is a sweet victory.. I would say, mine is a delicious winning!

Please like the DKNY Philippines Fanpage for delicious updates! (I have read that they are selling limited edition designed bottles.. Not sure who won the design a bottle contest though..)
Read the winning blog entry here.

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