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Thoughts After Vacation: Back to Reality

August 10, 2011

[Blogged Offline at 11:00 PM August 9, 2011] Back to work. Back to reality. I am typing this in my notepad as I don’t want to access blogger at work. The people in the office had been so kind to me that they allowed me to take a week of vacation despite critical month, with my back up completing the tasks I am required to accomplish.

So after a few smokes and chitchat with my co-workers, and the much awaited pasalubong giving, I scanned my inbox and it was loaded with new mails. The system welcomes me back and asks me to turn off my out of office reminder.

I still feel a little deaf in my right ear – I don’t know if it is because of air pressure during the flight back home, or I may have cleaned my ears too much that I damaged my nerves.

I am still on vacation mode, and I hate that I am right infront of my computer – working again and doing the usual thing. I am just thinking that I need money for my next trip. We’re thinking of visiting Korea next year.

I feel so tired and restless. This hour last year, we were on half-way flight to Beijing – enjoying Angry Birds and realizing how fun it is to play the game. It is a game for smart people. It needs strategy. Physics and Geometry.

When I landed back to Manila yesterday morning, I felt that my whole world is a mess. First things first – I unpacked my stuff. That’s what I hate most about traveling, packing and unpacking. After the tedious job of separating my dirty clothes – time to manage my finances. It’s hard to compute how much US dollars, peso and Yuan I have spent, so I just counted all the money that was left in my purse. I would just do the math this weekend. Then, time to upload the precious pictures. My biggest worry is damaging my pictures. But I have to back up all my stored pictures first in my external drive and finally uploading my Beijing pictures. I decided not to resize them and just keep them all in 2MB size per pic. The temples and sights are just so majestic. I want to look at them forever and be amazed. Most of my pictures were taken by my friend, and he told me he’s still uploading everything so it might take weeks before I can see my pictures.

I miss the breakfast in the hotel even if they serve the same food every morning, and they serve the same set I had when we stayed in Singapore. I miss the long walks tied with reading maps along the way. I miss the charades with the non-english speaking locals. I miss the majestic temples and more temples. I miss the stainless bench in each bus station. I miss the hot bath after a tiring day, and the evening recap with friends outside the hotel. I miss checking out stores and looking for good bargains ( I have bought some nice stuff from H&M and Uniqlo, including silk scarf in nice print).

I miss everything. When you were on vacation, going to work feels like a drag. It is even weird that blogging didn’t excite me..

How’s everyone?!

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