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3M Reusable Mounting Strips Keep My Wall Clear and Clean

September 22, 2011

Are your walls covered with posters? I meant, your room walls and not your Facebook wall. I want mine clear and neat. Even when I was younger, I only had one portion in the room where I post posters and pictures I cut from newspaper. I remember using thumb tacks and double sided tape, but I hate them because either they keep the poster permanent with marks (tacks), or the pinning would just be temporary (double sided tape). I am glad I got a new room, and everything is just clean and clear and neat – the way I wanted it. Until…

… I got this board from an event which I think is just too cute to throw away. Okay, I know the sentence is a little shallow. It felt like Ms. Universe Q&A that event. I was thinking of something rather naughty, and blame the 1 hour of sleep I only got that day. I could have written I love chocolate because .. it is romantic, child-like and indulgent. Or .. it is the opposite of my rockstar – dark, bitter and not Chinese!

Anyway, I wanted to display it somewhere in the room but not to keep it permanent, so I am glad to have this 3M Scotch Reusable Mounting Strips.
So it has pre-cut strips and the material is like jelly – clear and adhesive. 

I just put one pre-cut square adhesive on the sides of my frame. I like it better than tacks which usually damage an item, while double adhesive tapes are not very reliable; magnets would not be able to hold my cute frame.
So I carefully placed my frame on my room door. 
After a few days, I tested the adhesive, just to check if it has damaged my door or paint.

Wow, I am impressed! I feel like I were Gretchen Barretto on that air freshener commercial!

To clean and re-use the adhesive, just wash it with water and soap – and it is ready for more stickin’! It reminds me of my nippies!
I think this is perfect for offices (like ours which do not approve using tacks because those damage the properties). It is also good for presentations and posting reports in stores and schools.
Please note that this is only good for lightweight items. It can be used in stainless steel, plastic, concrete, glass, wood, and painted walls. 
You can get this product from SM Malls, Save More, Ace Hardwre, True Value, Handyman Hardware and Office Warehouse.
So for now, my cute door design would stay until I find another place to stick it on.
What items do you stick on your wall? and I do not mean Facebook wall. 😉
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