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Bibingka Espesyal – All Year Round [?]

September 22, 2011

I just want to share what I had for breakfast yesterday morning (and yes, I am eating the same thing again!). I work in night shift, and just like any other day, I just took the normal route on my way home, BUT I had to step back and walk back a few steps when I smelled something cooking.

Guess what’s inside these paper bags..

Bibingka! Yes, it really smells like Christmas! I know this store in Tayuman has been there for ages. The last time I bought Bibingka from them was 3 years ago! I was just surprised that as early as 8AM, the store is already opened.

There is no need to wait for Bibingka – the store has ready-made Bibingkas kept in big styro-box – still hot and wrapped with banana leaves.

The store is not pretentious. Hole in the wall. There are even diners in the morning, and there is even free cup of tea for diners. I know how that tea tastes like – the one that it just perfect for bibingka! Not the designer ones you drink in tea salons!

Bibingka costs Php40. There is even a Special Bibingka which costs Php80. I asked what is the difference, the guy said it is thicker. Since I just wanted Bibingka and not a Bibingka Cake, I just ordered two servings of  the one which costs Php40. Took them home and had one of the best breakfasts this month. I went straight to bed after a few burps.

So I went back again this morning and ordered Puto Bumbong (Php20). Unfortunately, they only serve it at night. Aaawww…

Anyway, it is nice to eat Bibingka as early as now. I know the store is open even if it is not “-ber” months (or maybe, their calendar spells Januaryber, Februaryber, Marchber..). But that’s great news, yeah?

Let’s talk about the Bibingka itself. I love that it is fluffy and somewhat moist with ample chunks of cheese and salted egg. I mean chunks and not just grated cheese and slices of salted egg. My mom though was not very impressed. She mentioned about a good Bibingka but I haven’t tried that so I am still giving this Bibingka an A+.

Btw, the Bibingka store’s name is FelyMar’s. I asked the ate this morning how long has the store been in operation. She said 20 years with a straight face.

Anyway, I know I am not the only one raving about Mr. or Ms. FelyMar’s Bibingka (maybe Fely is the mom and Mar is the dad, you think so too?!). I know it is popular, so I didn’t bother taking pictures (or even taking my camera). Read this blog to see more pictures of the store, and look it is even included in the Top 10 Best Bibingka in Town by

Not sure if FelyMar is aware of the bibingka’s popularity. The Facebook Fanpage is empty. I would mention it to them the next time I get my bibingka fix! Who knows, the store might need Brand Ambassadors?! or might organize a Bibingka Bloggers Event. Hehe.

Felymar Special Bibingka
1830 Rizal Avenue, Sta. Cruz, Manila

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