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Chefs Cooked Chicken at SM Master Chef’s Cooking Marathon

September 12, 2011

Remember the SM Masterchef Cooking Marathon I had talked about in this post? I chanced upon the cooking marathon in the SM Hypermart in Mall of Asia last week. For each cooking marathon, chefs would feature a “star” product and this time, they featured and used Bounty Fresh Chicken. 

I am just glad to meet the Ultimate Chef Warrior of QTV 11’s Kitchen Battles, Chef Arnold Bernanrdo, and finally taste Chef Sau Del Rosario‘s cooking.

Chef Arnold is a registered nurse, but he knows how to slice, cook and prepare good food. He’s currently an Executive Chef/Consultant  for Montemar Beach Club and Wheat Bakery & Cafe, responsible for testing and improving existing dishes, training cooks and waiters and checking food costing. He is also a Chef Instructor in Mapua Institute or Technology and a Contributing Writer for Cook Magazine. He has such an impressive background, but what is more impressive is his Bounty Fresh Chicken and Cheese Casserole. 

I love cheese and chicken! This is a perfect combination. Add a serving of mashed potato and creamy-spicy cheese sauce, my hungry leveled up to 10. I love how he prepared the cheese sauce as it is not the traditional creamy, cheesy sauce that is heavy in the mouth. It has that kick of spiciness, that makes you want to take another spoonful of the meal.

 Bounty Fresh Chicken and Cheese Casserole

He says this is what they always serve during Christmas. So I guess all of us would be serving the same dish this December?

Let’s try Chef Sau’s dishes. Chef Sau doesn’t need much introduction. He’s a celebrity Chef – he graced TV shows, commercials, and magazines. What I love about Chef Sau is he always talks about cooking with passion. He’s witty and passionate. He has mastered European and stayed in Thailand to explore the cuisine. That afternoon, he prepared something that changed the way I perceived Thai cuisine.

He started with a whole chicken, with some fresh veggies, and flavorful spices.. TADAH!!! Bounty Fresh Thai Chicken Salad. 

Bounty Fresh Thai Chicken Salad

I never really liked curry or Chicken Curry. That’s a fact/belief/a religion. But this dish made me a sinner. I love that contrast of all the flavors and spices. The veggies are fresh and I wanted to ask for a cup of rice.

Chef Sau used Bounty Fresh’s Pollo Primero Chicken. (TRIVIA TIME!) Bounty Fresh has this range of chicken in which the chickens are raised in a free environment where they could walk, get enough sunlight, inhale oxygen and live like a “king” chicken (if there is such a thing!). During the chicken’s last day, it would even be fed with cereal and milk. So imagine how good and tasty Pollo Primero is!

Next dish, Bounty Fresh Chicken Satay! The chicken was marinated in yogurt, ginger, and garlic (readily available in your nearest SM Hypermart store!). Threaded and grilled over medium heat. The next thing I know we were served with this yummy dish!

Bounty Fresh Chicken Satay

This dish is a star! It is best eaten once served. The chicken is tender and juicy. Add a hint of lemon or lime and dunk it on the peanut sauce. Yum!

To be part of the next SM Hypermart Cooking Marathon, check out the schedule here. It is free and no strings attached 😉

See more of the events pictures here.

Happy Eating/Cooking! 🙂

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