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Great Buys of the Week: Terranova Items On Sale [Php145 to Php445!]

September 8, 2011

Do you guys remember Terranova?! I think the brand landed in the country when I was in College. The store mannequins usually wear the typical winter and urban get-up, but I used to go to the store for street fashion. Anyway, I was surprised when I saw the Terranova Store in Robinson’s Place (I thought they only have one surviving store in Megamall) add the phrases “End of Season Sale“, “From Php145 to Php495“. I just couldn’t NOT check out the store..

Okay, I have to pretend I am not interested with the items. I had to control myself and got my mom’s approval first before I could shop (she always complains that I got tons and tons of new clothes, and then she would hear me complain that I don’t have anything to wear). I just told her I need this and that, and this top looks good, blah, blah, blah.. So I got my mom’s Go signal, but I have to be conservative with the pieces I bought.

Here they are:

Leggings at Php299. I need new one to wear with my tunic tops.

I got lots of sleeveless and tube dresses and I need “boleros” to comply with office dress code. I got blue and black. Php145 each.

Who doesn’t love Disney and Minnie? This one has to go to the shopping cart. Cheap at Php195.

So you think that’s all I bought?! I made a mental note of the things I would get. So the following day, I went to Robinson’s Place before heading to an event, and shopped some more…!

When I bought Minnie, I have to take Lola Bunny too! Let’s all be fair. 😉

I don’t really go to the gym, but when the need arises, it is better to be ready. So I bought these bottoms (at Php199). I actually was just planning to buy the black one, but I thought I will not survive with only one color, so I grabbed the gray too. It’s better to have these in my closet than rely on shorts. And I mean, really short shorts. 

Basic tank tops at Php145. They only have small and medium sizes.

I still have few maxi dresses which I haven’t worn yet, but I just cannot let this go. It is a bargain at Php445.

It is made of cotton material with very nice details. Please agree 😉

What is shopping without a new bag? Look at this nice bag! Php395 (original at Php1350?). ! I know my mom would remember this, because I checked it before leaving the store with her. Now I need to find answer if she asks how did I get to own it..

I soo love the design. 😉

I honestly cannot remember the original price of the items, but I think I got more than 50% off the original price from each item.

Yay! I got a lot of Great Buys this week. I just promised myself I would no longer shop after I spent some RMBs last month, but I just cannot NOT shop. Some of my Multiply purchases arrived last week. Everyday there is a new delivery that mom and dad are starting to complain. This week, I am expecting my purchases from Ebay. I got a lot of new stuff this month! Yay. My credit cards are complaining. But it makes a good motivation to work harder. I have to keep my regular job to pay for these simple joys 😉

Check out the Terranova Sale at the Robinson’s Place, Manila. I asked the sales personnel and they told me they want to dispose all the items. There are really nice pedal pusher like shorts at Php445, vests at Php350 to Php495, rompers at Php445, mini skirts (and I mean really mini skirts!) at Php445, bags at Php395 (I hope I remember them all right!). Check them out and let me know what have you gotten!

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