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Let’s Sing with Mickey and Dance with Donald at the Disney Live! Mickey Music Festival

September 12, 2011

Who doesn’t know Mickey, and Minnie and friends (maybe only the kids who are less than a year old)? Who once dreamed of being a princess and meeting prince charming? (ironically, I didn’t. I was dreaming of rather a risque-realistic life). I am guessing most of the kids did, and I am the only exception.

We all grew up with Mickey and Disney Characters. We see them on TV, or even (betamax? yes.), kids love anything with Mickey and friends on it from towels, tumblers and especially plush toys, people always look forward to Disney films, couples even used the Disney Theme Songs as their wedding song, aspiring singers always sing the signature Disney soundtrack during competition, and people anywhere in the world get excited to see the Disney logo. It just means that there is something magical, grand, and exciting coming.

Here is another reason to get excited about. Mickey and his friends would be gracing the stage again for the Disney Live! Mickey Music Festival happening next month.

I am not actually very fanatic about owning stuff which has one character in it just like others who really collect items which has Mickey Mouse face in it, or Donald Duck, or Aladdin, or Buzz Lightyear –  from bed theme, notebook, pen, etc. I am actually more into chic graphics or anything with Hepburn or Monroe. I am not even a fan of cartoons. I have missed a lot of good cartoon movies, and the last time I got really obsessed about cartoon was when I was a kid.

BUT I had a realization, Mickey and the Disney Characters always get me excited! Disney and Mickey bring back the child in me and I cannot deny it. Looking back at my old posts, I found myself smiling at how I blogged about the Disney on Ice show held last 2009. From the time the Disney on Ice Show was first announced, to the time I finally got my reserved tickets, and until after the event – that I felt more like a kid compared to my niece and nephew.

So when we got a chance to set foot in Hong Kong, we never missed the chance to meet Mickey and visit the Disneyland. Read my post here.

Taken from my Disney Land Blog Post

Thinking and remembering about the whole Disneyland experience, I am now all smiles. I even wore something like a romper to make me feel like I were a real kid enjoying the rides in Disneyland as I get to see amazing characters in flesh (or should I say, in costume!).

I even paid for the printed picture of me and Mickey (and Minnie) too! I never really cared if it is quite expensive, and even if I have hundreds of picture of me and Mickey in my camera. I just wanted to take home the “official” picture with Mickey.

There are just so many things to enjoy in Disneyland, but the sights and lights are enough to say “childhood dream come true”.  It was a dream, and I wish I were with my family. I was even surprised that I didn’t mind being surrounded with Mickey themed stuff from toys to signages and even food.

I honestly don’t want to eat the Mickey Croutons (from Mainstreet Cafe, Disneyland)

Money was not an issue for us that day. I guess that’s the beauty of being in Disneyland – you don’t mind the money and expenses, you just have to enjoy yourself. We had fun with the machine casting limited edition Mickey coins. I think I ordered 3 even if I honestly don’t have use for these. It is now part of my collection, sitting with my necklaces in this jewelry box.

Minnie Mouse was not spared with my love for accessories. I bought this really simple Minnie Mouse stud earrings from Disneyland – I think this is the only souvenir I bought and took home from Disneyland.

And of course, I have to keep my Disneyland Ticket and map for the Travel Journal I am planning to start very soon.

I am still firm in saying that I am not fond of cartoons (I would lose in any Cartoon Quiz Game!) or watching cartoons, but only Disney, and Mickey and Minnie and the rest of the Disney characters can make me excited. There must have been some sort of magic, or a potion that attracts me to Disney and it brings back the kid in me (no matter how I deny it).

You see, I even bought this Minnie Mouse top recently. I may not into watching cartoons, but I love to incorporate the characters with Fashion 😉

And I remember I even requested for a material from the DisneyWeddings Site. It is not that I am walking down the aisle soon, but it is just nice to read Disney materials. True enough, the material which arrived like an invitation smells good, and is pristine; I wonder if Fairy God Mother sent the mail and gave Mr. Postman a day-off.

Please don’t laugh if you find me singing some of the Disney songs, because I am excited about the Disney Live!  I have seen the characters did the ice rink and met them in person, so I am hoping to see the characters perform, and dance and sing. I want to hear great songs from Aladdin, The Little Mermaid, and Disney/Pixar’s Toy Story remixed to rock, pop, reggae, hip-hop, jazz and country, among other jams. Reading the press release made me more excited.

Disney Live! Mickey’s Music Festival, featuring an all star line-up of more than 25 Disney characters,
begins with audiences watching a state-of-the-art video projection of the frenzy backstage which spills
onto the stage as Mickey welcomes guests to his concert tour. Soon thereafter, they will be transported
to a new world of hip hop beats, dizzying acrobatics, flying carpets and magical transformations with
Aladdin, Jasmine and Genie. Underwater is where the crowd will meet up with Ariel, Sebastian and their
nautical pals to groove to the reggae rhythm. And, family and friends will stomp to the beat as Woody,
Buzz and Jessie teach them how to boogie rodeo-style. Anyone can be a member of the band as giant-
sized balloons fall from the ceiling in one scene and then in the next, Disney characters are dancing in the
We’ve created an environment where audience members will be able to connect with the Disney stars,”said Alana Feld, Producer and Executive Vice President of Feld Entertainment. “Within each concert
moment are elements of personal interaction and they will be harmonizing, dancing, laughing and having an outrageously good time with the characters right there in their city.”

The Disney Live! Mickey Music Festival is composed of top-notch team from director, Fred Tallaksen, writer, Jeremy Desmon, scenic designer (Rick Papineau), costume designer (Cynthia Nordstrom), lighting director (Sam Doty) and music director (Stan Beard). 
Disney Live! Mickey’s Music Festival is set to stage in Waterfront Cebu City Hotel from September 23-25 and at the Smart Araneta Coliseum from October 5-9. Please call the TicketNet to reserve your tickets now (for Manila show).
I wonder if Mickey and friends would bang their heads and do metal songs?

My “Official” pictures of Mickey and Minnie

Disney Live! Mickey’s Music Festival is also brought to you by Smart Araneta Coliseum, Waterfront Cebu City Hotel, Citibank, ABS-CBN, ABS-CBN Regional Group, Araneta Center, Gateway Cineplex 10, Alimall Cineplex 4, SM Cinemas, SM City Cebu, Discovery Suites, Renowed Sound and Various Production, MYX, Manila Bulletin, Businessworld, Sunstar, Cebu Daily News, Crossover 105.1, Power FM Cebu, Love Radio 97.9, Y101 Cebu, Alcordo Advertising, Greenworld LED Solutions and Manila Concert Scene. This event is for the benefit of Senyas Kamay Pilipinas.

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